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Innovations in emailing: WAHOU effect guaranteed?

In the middle of the night In emailing, we often talk about innovations, trends, interactivity, cool stuff that is supposed to give a little WAHOU effect when a reader opens your emails.


At Badsender, we ask ourselves (as usual) questions. Why rush headlong into innovation when yesterday's best practices (which are still mostly valid) are not always applied at 100% ? Most of the innovations have been cited for several years in numerous articles. In fact, they are still called "innovation" because in reality, they have often not gone beyond the stage of technological demo. Or at least, they have not become an everyday practice for advertisers.

What is innovation in emailing? And why don't they catch on? And why are we always drawn to innovation and not to email content writing?

We discussed all this at a live Badsender thursday, march 23 at 11H with Thomas Defossez and Olivier Fredon.

Listen to the discussion (audio format)

Watch the discussion (video format, please watch in low definition)

The participants

Thomas Defossez, our darling designer-integrator

Thomas Defossez

Innovation in emailing is really Thomas' hobby. He has such a crazy mind that he is very imaginative. He is so passionate about email that he converts his imagination into emailing. As he is a designer AND email integrator, his imagination goes through the design and always ends up integrated in HTML for email.

Moreover Thomas is generous and educational. He transcribes all his delusions into articles on our blog:

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

Olivier Fredon, our beloved product owner

olivier fredon

Olivier, you may have heard less about him (except for our customers who use our email builder He, he is obsessed with Notion, UX, eco-design and NEED.

The phrase he says most often in meetings is "WHAT IS THE NEED? And when you think you've answered the question, he says "NO BUT WHAT IS THE NEED". So when a customer asks him "Do you make innovative blocks?" He replies...

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So our discussion will take place on Thursday, March 23 at 11:00 am on Youtube Live and LinkedIn Live.

In fact, there is no registration required for Badsender lives! You just have to go to our Youtu channelbe on D-Day.
However, to make sure you don't miss the live event, don't hesitate to use the links below to add the event to your agenda:

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