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Experts at your service your deliverability

For a deliverability audit or coaching, our deliverability consultants can help you!

Badsender offers you deliverability expertise "all-inclusive" or "à la carte". In other words, you can entrust us with deliverability audits, call on us for one-off needs, or have us take care of all your marketing needs. delegate to our deliverability consultants your entire (or almost complete) deliverability management.

Need to take stock of your deliverability? That's what our deliverability diagnostics and audits are all about. In diagnostics, we start from an already identified deliverability problem and use our testing methodology to solve it. In deliverability audit, we test every aspect of your deliverability in a comprehensive manner, not only to resolve your incidents deliverability, but alsoto prevent others.

We set up deliverability monitoring solutions to enable you to continuously monitor and test your email deliverability. We'll help you choose the deliverability monitoring software that's best suited to your needs, configure it with you, and set up a series of tests. automatic deliverability alerts and we help you understand the data generated to improve your email deliverability.

In the event of an incidentyour deliverability consultant (or his backup) is available tointervene quickly on your deliverability problem. This support can be triggered by deliverability monitoring alerts or by an internal observation. We analyze the situation, propose solutions to your team and, if necessary, contact ISP abuse departments.webmails and other messaging systems. We support you until the incident is resolved.

Configuring DMARC is far more complex than setting up other email authentication techniques. But securing email flows has become crucial to delivering the best possible service. your messages and protect your domain names from identity theft, it's time to get started. We need to monitor DMARC, correct incorrectly authenticated e-mail flows, manage sub-domains and gradually tighten up DMARC policy. And that's justOnce this DMARC deployment phase has been completed, you'll be able to implement BIMI.

You are missing a deliverability manager in your team ? Then recruit one of our deliverability consultants for one or two days a week. This will enable you to recruit deliverability expertise to your teamWhether for a short or long period. We integrate fully into your team, taking part in your steering meetings and project management processes. Take us for a test drive!

Changing your email routing solution? Then you're in a risk phase for your deliverability. Migration of your domains, creation of a routing plan, heating of your new IP addresses, transfer of your bounce history... These are all stages that require careful attention to ensure a transition without any regression in your deliverability performance. Call on our deliverability services for guarantee a painless migration.

Acting for a deliverability responsible


Spam is a scourge! We're not here to help spammers. Our deliverability expertise is at the service of brands and organizations that respect the privacy of their recipients.


We won't sweep your bad practices under the carpet! Deliverability is a question of transparency. To get out of the spam box, you need to apply best practices and assume your identity.


To optimize your deliverability, you need to sometimes agree to send less, but better. 70% recommendations for improving deliverability are to improve the quality of your data and the commitment of your recipients.


We popularize, we train you in deliverability ! You'll finally understand all the subtleties of deliverability, so you'll be totally autonomous when it comes to solving your delivery problems.

Our diagnostic and deliverability audit formulas

Deliverability diagnosis

Complete diagnosis of a deliverability incident already identified by you, and delivery of corrective actions.

Classic" deliverability audit

Exhaustive analysis of the various elements influencing your deliverability and delivery of an optimization plan.

In-depth audit

In-depth analysis of all the factors impacting your deliverability and delivery of a phased action plan.

Hour packages

Would you like occasional coaching or deliverability support? Then take out a pack of prepaid hours.

"As a service

On a monthly subscription basis, our deliverability experts become part of your team one or two days a week.

They do trust to our agency

Are you ready to put your trust in us?