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Advice on your strategy emailing and newsletters

Take a step back from your practices

Emailings and newsletters are an essential part of any marketing or communications strategy, whether to generate revenue or create a bond with your community. Our emailing consultants are experts in this particular channel. We tailor our advice to your business and your organization. We'll help you see things much more clearly.

Are your current practices the right ones? Through an audit, our emailing experts diagnose all aspects: deliverability, campaign statistics, segmentation & targeting, sales pressure, email content. We also give you our opinion on your tools and work organization.

Following the audit, we provide you with a roadmap. Our advice is prioritized according to your qualitative and quantitative objectives, and tailored to your organization. Our recommendations will guide you for many months to come.

The best way to pass on our advice on a daily basis is through coaching. Our emailing consultants work with you in weekly sessions. We work very concretely on their campaigns. We help them make the best possible decisions on a daily basis.

There are a multitude of emailing tools on the market. From campaign management tools to email builders. Which one to choose? We'll help you define your needs, draw up your specifications, and select your supplier. We'll be there with you during demonstrations to challenge the proposals. We find the tool that best suits your needs and your organization.

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Deliver a clear and effective roadmap

Following our audit, we'll provide you with a list of recommendations tailored to your qualitative and quantitative objectives, prioritized for the short, medium and longer term.


Tell you the truth and push you around if necessary

We're honest. If your organization is inefficient, if you're spending too much time on a subject, if you're not aligning your marketing practices with your commitments, we'll tell you.


Empowering you

We'll help you acquire the good marketing practices and reflexes you need to succeed. You don't have to depend on us. We don't want to keep you as a customer forever.

How we work together to give you the best advice on your email strategy


Our consultants interview your teams: marketing, CRM, information systems, data, communications and customer service departments. And, if necessary, general management, CSR and legal departments. We immerse ourselves in your organization, so as to get to grips with its subtleties. This step is extremely important to provide you with the recommendations best suited to your organization.


We audit your current emailing practices. We determine your strengths and weaknesses. We deliver a list of recommendations tailored to your objectives and organization.


We broaden your horizons by showing you other ways of using the email channel and more effective ways of working. We give you a valuable perspective based on the success stories of other brands and organizations.


Badsender consultants will help your teams to develop their skills by explaining best practices, the right way of thinking and the right reflexes to adopt.


What could be more effective than sharing and collective intelligence to bring out innovative concepts? We work together in workshops to design new content, marketing automation schemes and strategic segments.

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