Outsource your eCRM campaign management.

Whether it is during a migration to a new eCRM platform or during the deployment of new marketing programs, data is a central element of any deployment. That's why, like an orchestra conductor, Badsender participates in the email orchestration of your campaigns.
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Our services in...

Email orchestration.

Management of emailing and eCRM campaigns.

Migrate to a new eCRM campaign management platform is not a process to be taken lightly. Badsender accompanies you so you don't forget anything. Because we like to help you in the choice of a routing solution, all that...

Marketing automation.

Implementing your strategy in your eCRM tool is no small task. Ohhhh no. Badsender provides you with the best specialists in the deployment of emailing and eCRM campaigns. And when we say "the best", we mean the best.

Data is a central component of any deployment.
For these reasons, Badsender has decided to create two "fullservice" packages that will allow you to benefit from the experience of campaign management and marketing automation professionals. Orchestration? Yes, because we help you to Putting your strategy and messages to music! It's beautiful, isn't it? It's nicely said... Yes, because in reality, we are not Guns N'Roses...

Ready to feel the music vibrate?