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A library of email marketing resources.

We wanted to offer you a dedicated page on our site to find tools, blogs, personalities, useful resources in email marketing. And we won't skimp! Get ready to scroll, and not know where to click! (This list is not exhaustive, and may change. Come back regularly to find out what's new!)


Accessible email documentation

A list of great articles, tools, presentations and resources on accessibility in general and for email specifically.

It couldn't be simpler: You copy and paste your HTML code, and you have the necessary recommendations to improve the accessibility of your campaign. It's time to get started!

Coding Accessible Emails

Don't know how to code accessible emails? ActionRocket comes to your rescue with a detailed step-by-step guide to optimizing your code!

Contrast Checker

You fill in your foreground color (text). Then your background color. And you get a note. It's as simple as that.

Quick Guide to Accessible Email

Recommendations, relevant, by chapter (structure, content, text, color...) to improve and optimize the accessibility of your emails.


Resources for every step of an email marketer's work!

More than 120 quality resources listed on this site dedicated to email marketing... We love it.

The Better Email

This is my guide, this is my shepherd's star! The resource list organized by Jason Rodriguez himself!


The checklist for your email marketing campaigns

With our checklist, you make sure to check the different elements that will allow you to send a "bullet proof" emailing campaign.


A practical and efficient tool, developed by Litmus, to quickly send a Good To Go from your email campaign to the address of your choice.



Actito is the agile activation platform that allows any marketer to deploy high-performance data-driven marketing campaigns, without any technical knowledge, in complete autonomy.

Active Trail

Active Trail, email marketing platform for sending newsletters, SMS, marketing automation and transactional emails gives you tips to use the tool in the most efficient way, but also talks about emailing in a more global way.

Arobase is since 1997 a site entirely dedicated to email. The site shares its passion for email, news, tips and analysis.

Badsender - The Blog

Probably the best of all, in all modesty of course.

Blocks Edit Blog

Imaginez le blog de Badsender mais version ricaine... Et plus orienté code emailing. Et vous obtenez Blocks Edit.

Cheetah Digital

Cheetah Digital is a global reference in information processing. The blog deals with emailing in general.


Consonaute is Bruno Fridlansky's blog, he exposes his passion for the web by analyzing the news of emailing and social networks.

Courtney Fantinato

No articles published since 2017. But still a valuable asset for understanding DPI or background images.


Datananas is an Outbound Sales software. On its blog, Datananas talks about strategy around emailing: prospecting strategy, copywriting...


Digitaleo is a SaaS solution for managing customer communications by sending marketing campaigns. On its blog, customer relationship specialists talk about emailing and sms marketing news.

Dolist is one of the important actors of email marketing in France. On its blog, the email sending platform reviews the news of the sector, exposes customer cases...

Email Marketing Rules

The blog of Chad White, the leading expert on international email marketing.

Email Way

Email Way is the blog of Jérôme Gays, consultant specialized in email deliverability at DeliverNow. Jérôme talks about the latest news about deliverability, Signal Spam...

The blog has changed its style (no more superheroes, snif snif...) but the content is still good! Discover the Sarbacane blog!


Flexmail is an online email marketing platform. Several topics around emailing are discussed in their blog: Deliverability, strategy, legislation...


FQDN is a blog hyper specialized in the field of email deliverability, we talk about Spam, MTA, DKIM, DMARC. A blog to follow if you want to be interested in this essential discipline that is deliverability.


Here we are on pure and hard technique, #codeemailing at its highest level. It is the Usain Bolt of HTML for email, the Teddy Riner of CSS for email...

Hillel Berg's Blog

Interviewing some of the biggest names in email marketing in the world, Hillel provides a number of podcasts and comprehensive articles.

The 24 days of email

Well ok, we are not modest: the 24 days of email is a project carried by Badsender, but which solicits volunteer authors for a month of December filled with small gifts, every day, and every year (since 2019).


Mailjet is the French start-up that is rising in the emailing sector. And its blog lets you live the evolution of the platform from the inside: new features, conferences...


The Markentive Agency blog is a leading Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation Blog.

Newsletter Monitor

NewsletterMonitor is a competitive intelligence platform focused on emailing. On its blog, NewsletterMonitor offers you to follow the best of what is done in terms of newsletters, often classified by theme.

Pignon sur Mail

Pignon sur mail is certainly the reference of emailing blogs on the French web. Bruno Florence gives us his advice and shares with us his enormous knowledge in emailing.


Plezi's Marketing Automation blog is for marketers, sales managers and agencies who want to increase their marketing ROI.


On its blog, Salesforce provides an update on all the latest customer relationship news: CRM, marketing, data analysis...


The blog of Sarbacane, emailing platform for SMEs, gives you tips and tricks to use the tool in the most efficient way, but also talks about emailing in a global way.


We appreciate their values, we appreciate Vincent Fournout and Guillaume Le Friant, we simply love their blog!


You can't miss Sendiblue's blog when talking about email marketing: strategy, scenarios, tips. You are bound to learn something!


Charles Boone's emailing blog has been around since 2006! Six years of good and loyal service in the name of quality and good emailing practices. And even if the publications are not regular, it is a reference to have on hand.


When someone talks about SVG, dynamic countdowns, or virtual reality in an email, you know you're on a quality blog...

Vade Secure

Vad Secure's R&D experts write articles about email security (spam, phishing and malware).


Learn to code an email

It's written by Nicole Merlin, the goddess of HTML integration for email. So we can go with our eyes closed!

Can I Email

How to know the support of an HTML tag or a CSS property according to the mail clients? Well, with this tool. That's it. End of the discussion.

Special characters by

A "conversion" of special characters organized in tables, and very complete! Useful for encoding an unbreakable hyphen, for example.

Understanding the Hybrid/Fluid technique

What to do when media queries are not supported and how to display a mobile version of the email? By using the Hybrid/Fluid technique. And Nicole Merlin explains it to you!

Email Comb

Nothing like this to clean up the HTML code of your email. You copy and paste, and hop! The tool tells you which "class" or "id" is useless... It's simple, it's clean.

Email CSS Resets

A Github repository by Jay Oram to, like Email Normalize, apply a CSS reset / normalization on your HTML code elements and start on a good basis...

Email Normalize

Email clients and email software use default styles on HTML. Email Normalize allows you to set up a kind of CSS "reset" with a simple copy and paste to normalize your rendering?

Email Platform Status

Another great job by super Rémi ! A site that goes through all Really Good Emails to count the use of some HTML and CSS features.


For those who hate badly indented HTML files or indented files with spaces, this tool is for you!

Manage your Call to Action

Can we make a button fully clickable? What solutions are available to you? Litmus makes the point.

Github of Hteumeuleu

All the most common problems are listed and, if possible, solved in this essential Github!


When Mark Robbins, email integrator before God, shares perfect pieces of code with you... What more could you ask for?

How to fix Outlook Dark Mode Problems

Nicole Merlin's tutorials to help the #emailgeeks community are countless. This one is just a nugget!

How to target email clients

Do you want to apply a particular style only on Yahoo? Or on Orange? This superb site developed by Dylan Smith will be your best ally...

Html Arrows

A delightful reference for HTML symbols, entities and ASCII character codes (I'm not the one saying it, it's the literal translation!)

Html Crush

Are you afraid of the 102kb limit imposed by Gmail? This tool may help you save a few kilobytes by removing indentation and line breaks (we're not saying it's good, mind you!)


How to apply a CSS property only on Outlook? How to target Yahoo! Mail? All the answers are here.


A new tool to optimize the weight of your images while maintaining optimal quality!

White Paper: Coding in HTML for email

Designed by Badsender as a reference guide, the 104 pages of this white paper explain all the subtleties of html email development.

White Paper: Dark Mode and Email

If Dark mode and email marketing is a complex and obscure subject for you... #poinpoinpoin Ok, we go out...

Understanding Gmail better

What should I know about Gmail? What are its main problems with HTML code? EmailOnAcid gives you its secrets.

Nu Html Checker

To check an HTML file, filter errors, avoid duplicate attributes or tag closing bugs. Super practical!

Progressive Enhancement Calculator

Sachez quelles innovations et interactions seront supportées dans votre code email avec ce magnifique outil développé par Parcel.

HTML and CSS support

Before CanIEmail, there was the ultimate guide to HTML tags and attributes and CSS properties support by Campaign Monitor. Let's not forget it.


The opposite of Html Crush: the ability to indent and arrange HTML code. That's nice!


White Paper: Customize your marketing strategy with dynamic content

Badsender publishes and puts at your disposal a new White Paper on marketing strategy & dynamic content to allow you, via 7 simple solutions, to multiply your conversions.


The perfect tool to easily set up annotations on Gmail, to analyze performance and improve it!

Sensitive Subjects

You think you've found the ideal object for your email campaign? A piece of advice: test its rendering on different media, to avoid unpleasant surprises...


Marketing Definitions

The illustrated encyclopedia of marketing! So yes, it's not limited to email marketing. But as many definitions specific to emailing are there... Well... We will not quibble.

Email Production Glossary

A very complete glossary on many terms used in the world of email marketing. A must have for beginners!

Glossary Emailing

If you don't know what an A/B test, an alternative text, or a preheader is, this glossary is for you.



How to optimize your deliverability? By ensuring, among other things, the email addresses of your recipients...

List of popular domains

A list of the most popular domains in France... Or elsewhere !

White Paper: Understanding Deliverability

Find out how essential the fight against spam is to understand the main principles of deliverability.

White Paper: Deploying DMARC

This white paper will guide you through the DMARC deployment process.

Test the deliverability of your email campaign and easily save your test data!

Scan My Email

A wonderful tool developed by Simon Bressier from SendinBlue that will allow you to check the correct configuration of your email sender domain and your email server!


Check and clean your email lists in a few clicks with this brand new tool created by Oxemis!

Which Gmail Tab?

In which Gmail tab will your campaign be filed? Main? Social? Promotions? Updates? Forums?


Beautiful Email Newsletters

There is some good. There is some not so good. In short, there is something for everyone, as you can see!

You can never have enough email examples to find inspiration. YET!


Sleek newsletter or email designs for you, all done, all fresh, all beautiful!

Dark Mode Magic

Hard to imagine what your email model will look like in Dark Mode, isn't it? Especially before the development stage... Well, not anymore !

Email Love

You'll be amazed with this subjective survey of perfect emailing designs!


A "graphic" Builder available on Figma that will allow you to quickly design emails thanks to a system of drag&drop blocks. And a feature to export HTML code... But shhh! No need to say too much!


Handling animated gifs, even creating them... That's already misery in itself. With Ezgif (pronounced Easy Gif), it's much, much easier!


Is there anything better than Figma for email layout? Don't look, it's a rhetorical question...

Health icons

Syringe, blood drop, skeleton, gloves... Icons for your open source "health" (or serial killer) creations!


But what a pleasure to have access to quality illustrations, freely, for free... This bank of illustrations is a treasure. Simply.

Thomas' Pinterest

Emails that I liked, that I would like to share with you. You can do what you want with them.


To show your customers or prospects what is being done in their field of activity... Or to regularly monitor the latest design trends in emailing.


Let's say you want to create an email. Let's say you're a design whiz. Let's say you lack inspiration. Let's say there is Milled...


Did you seriously think that you could only find tutorials on how to build a garden furniture with pallets?


To get images quickly by just filling in the width and height in a url... Ultra-practical!


Looking for inspiration? Discover innovative emails, which slam, and find the taste and desire of Design.

Remix icon

Well, then you have the choice among 2271 free and open source icons. Normally, you should find what you were looking for!


Not comfortable with Photoshop to divert a product? Are you afraid of the "Magic Wand" tool? Removebg takes care of everything, for free.


To reduce the weight of an image (JPEG, GIF or PNG), there is nothing like a visit to Squoosh. With an intuitive interface and a simple drag&drop, optimize the weight of your visuals.

Subtle Patterns

You like patterns and textures? You will be served ! A superb bank of "Patterns" to use as background-image with a possible repetition... Magic!

The Branding Style Guidelines Archive

My God... Imagine real graphic charts, for famous brands, available for free... A dream, right? No...


Ok, there is a choice... Ok it's beautiful and it does the job... But it will never be as beautiful as what we can do in email design at Badsender (it was the self-promotion moment).


High quality photos, made by amateurs / professionals, free of rights and made for commercial use. For free. What more can you ask for?


To import your Figma components, insert your code pieces, document with do's and don'ts... In short, to make a REAL emailing design system !


Email Expiration Date

What if we automatically deleted billions of emails stored unnecessarily to reduce the carbon footprint of the email marketing industry? A dream, made in Badsender!

The eco-design guide for digital services

It's not only focused on email, but there are a lot of tips that can still be applied to it! Thank you Dominique Vrignaud for this great discovery!


Adobe Dreamweaver

The most famous software to code emails in HTML! Automatic indentation, syntax highlighting, autocompletion... A state-of-the-art software!


To edit HTML code and have a rendering window right next to it... But also to share your code, your findings, innovations... CodePen!


You don't have an HTML code editor? Take advantage of Parcel, a solution developed by Avi Goldman, and build your emails quickly!

Snippet Generator

To easily create snippets on VSCode (and Sublime Text and Atom) without having to know the specific code.

Sublime Text

If you didn't know yet, Sublime Text is a software that will offer you many little features that will save you a lot of time!

Email Builder


A very complete tool, which will allow you to save your own modules, to automatically detect HTML text as editable... And so many great features!

The Boss

An email builder that is good. Who made it? We did! And we are so proud of it... We love our Boss!


Very attractive prices for this builder or email editor! Let's start designing campaigns by the bucketload!

Email Preview


Email preview tests without counting. Dozens and dozens of email clients and support / resolutions / systems / browsers discussed. A gem!


The most popular platform for email rendering. And, on top of that, a handy Email Builder with instant display of the changes made.


Complete calendar of emailing events

Find wherever you are the webinars, live and replays of Badsender on the full topics of email marketing!

CSA Email Summit

International experts support marketers and technical experts through a wide range of contributions on the topic of email. Is it fuzzy? It's Google Translate.

Email Innovations Summit

Developed in collaboration with the members of Only Influencers, the Email Innovations Summit is a highly anticipated conference for email marketers.


The must-attend email marketing event in France. 2 days (most of the time) dedicated to email marketing with the best French experts.


Email Markup Consortium

A Consortium to harmonize a little more our techniques in email marketing! I SAY YES, YES, YES!

Slack Emailgeeks

The largest gathering of emailing professionals, enthusiasts and geeks. You'll find advice on design, code, strategy, deliverability... Everything!

Women of Email

For women. For geek girls. For email marketing. For women, email marketing geeks!


Gmail Annotations

How can you take advantage of Gmail annotations to help your campaigns optimize their open rate? It's easy! With the Freshinbox generator, of course!

Wanting to put background images in an email is fine. Knowing how to do it is something else. With Campaign Monitor's generator, no more worries.

And how do you make buttons fully clickable in an email? And how do you make the rounded corners appear in Outlook too? Answer:

Carousel by Freshinbox

Want to put a carousel in your email? You are right. But you don't know how to do it? Freshinbox has the solution.


What counts is not the count, but the one who tells the tale! (Raymond Devos) Countdowns for your emails, in spades!

Dark Mode for Email Simulator

What will my email look like if Dark Mode is enabled? This is the question you should ask yourself...

Campaign Monitor Inliner

You have set up an email with your styles in the and not inline? Don't panic, there's the Campaign Monitor inliner.

Inliner by Litmus

How to automate the inline setting of your CSS styles? With the Litmus / Putsmail tool, of course!

Litmus : Gmail's Promotions tab

It is almost the same generator as the one proposed by Freshinbox. But this one is made by Litmus. That's it.

Rollover on image

Hover over an image, and another visual appears? It's possible, and fast with the Freshinbox generator !


Developer Network by Verizon Media

Discover the tools made available by Yahoo! to enrich your emails: AMP, Promotions, Schema, BIMI... What a great world!


Because we need French platforms too (thanks Jean-Michel for the message ;)) ! And proposes to list missions on the "emailing" category. To discover, because there are a lot of missions for freelancers !

Ahhhh if only job hunting could be that easy for everyone: updated, detailed jobs, all over the world... We have so much to choose from!

New jobs and opportunities to be seized in email marketing, every day: Email Developer, Deliverability Consultant, Email Designer... It's pretty crazy the turnover!


Because there is not only code in email marketing, there is also design! And for that, there is a demand on! Go go go !


Do we really need to introduce Keljob? No... Definitely not.


Yes, because in fact, Linkedin is also made for that: to make your professional profile evolve, to find new opportunities... So we've made it easy for you by typing the search "email". All you have to do is click on the button below.


Finally all the job search platforms can do the trick, right? Just type in a query... And hop! A lot of results !


Emailing templates, already coded, clean, beautiful. Why deprive yourself?


A framework developed by Cosmin Popovici to quickly prototype HTML emails.


A framework now recognized internationally, developed by Mailjet, to develop responsive emails with fingers in the nose!

ZURB Foundation

It sounds like the name of the villain in the 5th element and yet : It's always helpful to have multiple email code templates available!


Action Rocket

The Action Rocket newsletter, always relevant, always innovative. A weekly slap in the face of email marketing.

All Things Email

It comes out every Friday, it is clear, concise and of high quality... It is of course the Let's Talk StrategyTM newsletter.

Newsletter of Badsender

If you are not subscribed, it's really time to do something about it. If only because you have discovered this list of resources and if, on occasion, other nuggets like this one are released, you would like to be informed...

Cab for Email

How can you not keep up with brand and email marketing news? No, it's not possible... Subscribe!



To create emailing campaigns, but not only! And also because their team is really nice...


Automation, Artificial Intelligence, multi-channel communication... Interesting...


A Github that lists the most common problems with the interpretation of HTML and CSS code by routing platforms. Made by Badsender.


A CRM platform that claims to have more than 113,000 customers, that's a lot of weight!


And guess what? We have an expert on this solution at Badsender 😉

White paper: Choosing a campaign management tool

We help you to understand the terminologies and to detect where your needs lie.


Is it still necessary to introduce the most famous emailing platform? No. No, I don't think so...


Le Printemps, Doctolib, DHL, Nestlé, Galeries Lafayette... With such a repertoire of clients, how can you not be captivated?


A human-sized team, premises in the North of France, an adorable support, advice galore... How can you not like them?


The must-have French emailing software! But did you know that you can also manage your SMS Marketing and Marketing Automation campaigns?


"Achieve sustainable success in marketing and communication by combining ethics and performance." Well said!


If you want to unleash your potential, you'll find all the marketing and sales tools to get your business off the ground!


One of the biggest emailing and deliverability platforms in the world!


Email Calculator

Do you have numbers? Do you have email campaigns? You have dough and sugar? Then you enter your numbers (opens, clicks, desabo...) and you have statistics!

Email Client Market Share

The best way to know (roughly) the behavior of recipients of email campaigns and their consultation habits.

Email geeks - Salaries

How can you best estimate the salary you can expect in your country and region? This questionnaire has gathered the answers of more than 530 #emailgeeks, to help you find out.

Email is not dead

Email is not dead. No, it's not! It changes, it mutates. Stats, numbers, galore! Enjoy!

Looking for a job related to email marketing in your country? This platform gathers a good part of the available jobs !

White Paper Analyzing Statistics

Badsender publishes a white paper to guide you in setting up 10 key reports that will help you really measure your emailing strategy.

Mailchimp: Comparison and statistics of email marketing by sector

Compare the performance of your emails (unique open rate, click rate and bounce rate) with those of Mailchimp users.

ROI Calculator

ROI is life! It's the return on investment! And you don't know how to calculate it? It's easy with this tool!

Videos and podcasts

Youtube channel of Badsender

A channel to follow, to find our lives on so many different and interesting subjects! With more and more passionate guests!

Humans of Email

Hosted by Jen Capstraw and Natalie Jackson, these podcasts are just little nuggets you'll enjoy.

Podcasts of Badsender

You don't know what to listen to while working ? Well, there are our podcasts, my friend! It always makes a background noise...