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We don't live in a Care Bear world. But if the Care Bears stay hidden, the world will never change!
Jonathan Loriaux

The findings are unequivocal: every day, we receive dozens of commercial emails that we almost never read. These messages quickly become obsolete, often within a few days of receipt. Just think of promotions that are only valid for a short period, or newsletters that are already out of date by the time they arrive. These emails add to our mental load, encourage us to consume more and more products we don't really need, and are needlessly stored in data centers.

This list, though not exhaustive, illustrates the "hidden costs" associated with emailing and, more broadly, with marketing. It is crucial to rethink our current practices and to find new ways of communicating, educating and supporting people towards more responsible ways of thinking and consuming.

We're working to transform the emailing industry and, more broadly, the marketing and communications sector.


We want to support organizations that have the least impact on the destruction of living things. We categorically refuse to collaborate with activities that with high carbon content : airlines, airports, SUVs, cruise operators and companies selling fossil fuels. 
We support companies that have made the ecological and social transition a core part of their business model. We encourage the sectors of social action, services, health, training, communities, public administration, and all organizations contributing to the functioning of tomorrow's society.

Transforming the emailing ecosystem

We are convinced that every sector and every activity must transform itself.. Even if email is only a small part of digital carbon emissions, which are themselves a small part of global emissions, we want to improve the situation. So we're trying to do our bit in the sector to which we belong - emailing and communications.

Our first major project: includeexpiry dates in emails. Every month, we devote dozens of hours to advancing this project, shaking up the practices of senders, email routers and messaging providers. The aim of our advocacy work is twofold: to reduce the volume of messages needlessly stored, and to lighten the mental load on Internet users.

Shaking up traditional marketing practices

We challenge traditional marketing techniques such as FOMO (Fear of missing out), a technique still widely used in marketing. Through our podcast Sobriety & Marketing, we aim to raise awareness and question the limits of marketing's usefulness and futility.

Inform, popularize, educate and share without compensation

Badsender started out as a blog. Sharing is in our DNA. We want to teach people about the technical marketing channel that is email. We like to share our experiences through articles, lives and podcasts. without any exchange of personal data. You won't see a registration form for our lives, nor a collection form to download a white paper or anything else. All our content is open access, some is licensed under Creative Commons and our LePatron email builder is open source.

Passing milestones

We want to help organizations achieve crucial strategic milestones. We want to push them to go even further, more than just a CSR veneerand shatter old barriers to open up a new world.

Empowering you

We'll help you acquire the good marketing practices and reflexes you need to succeed. You don't have to depend on usthat would be unhealthy. We don't want to keep you as a customer forever. We want to help you take flight.

Focus on copywriting and lowtech

We are convinced that message content is the most important element to invest in.. Innovation and the purchase of expensive technology can't compensate for a lack of creativity. We help you find the editorial topics that really interest your audience. That's what will increase your target audience's level of commitment to your organization.

Strengthen your credibility

We help you align your CSR commitments with your marketing practices, so that you gain credibility.. We'll help you find communication angles that encourage people to change their consumption patterns, and accompany them towards new uses and lifestyles. We'll help you highlight the sincerity of your organization and find arguments to counter the greenwashers in your sector.

Reduce your mental workload

We receive dozens of emails every day. Our inboxes are saturated, not only with spam, but also with unwanted emails and newsletters, often containing aggressive, repetitive messages. These practices are designed to encourage recipients to take action, but end up exhausting them. We propose a different approach, far removed from aggressive FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) techniques. Our advice focuses on finding the right message and the right delivery rhythmto your target audience, and to avoid contacts who no longer wish to receive your communications.


We believe in efficient, sober creations. We don't believe in "wow" effects like carousels or other so-called innovative content. Eco-design must be the norm.

Right from the practical analysis phase, we make eco-design recommendations that will have an impact on both design and HTML integration. If it's possible to produce less for the same result, then we'll give priority to these design approaches.

Concerning our email builder LePatron. Like all industrialization tools, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes, and will never be as plain as a custom-made email. However, it's important to remember that templates are hand-coded and adapted to your needs and constraints. This is not generative code and we have some leeway. If you want to be able to modify your emails entirely in your email builder, then it will be difficult to eco-design this template. In any case, we wouldn't recommend this approach, but rather a coherent and controlled Design System.

Inclusiveness and combating stereotypes

In our design proposals, we choose to positively represent the diversity of our company. We banish stereotypes and propose designs and messages that contribute to new narratives and inclusion.


Accessibility is a dutywe leave no one behind. People with visual impairments or neurological disorders must have access to your communications. Even if you think they only represent a small proportion of your readership. If you don't take care of them, this can never be the case and your view will always be biased. Our creations respect good accessibility practices.


We do not cooperate with spammers and companies that have no qualms about sending mass unsolicited messages to develop their business. We comply with the Data Protection Act and the RGPD. We recommend that you go beyond the legal framework.