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Badsender, in a few words.

Père Castor, tell us a story...

The Badsender agency was born in 2014, under the impetus of Môssieur Jonathan Loriaux.
Previously (and since 2010) it has been a blog dedicated to emailing. Over time, the audience has grown ... And paf, it makes Chocapic!

Transfer to the full service agency Badsender, Transformers style.

In 2014, Badsender gradually turned into a business d'fullservice agency specialized in emailing and more broadly in the implementation of eCRM campaigns. Today, we are 10 employees. Boom. Take this in your hands.

Our cherished clients and our perimeter.

We work for Roland Garros (emails before, during, and after tournaments)Viadeo, Rue du Commerce, Sodexo, Mondadori... and many others, because we also outsource email missions for many generalist agencies. Yes, we are like that, what do you want...

Our priesthood, our mission to email marketing.

Our mission is to bring our expertise in the field of email marketing, theeCRMand deliverability by becoming an extension of your internal teams. Simply put.

We vibrate for the emailing business...

And emailing jobs make us vibrate.

To keep it that way, we make sure to respect some essential principles.

Obligation to advise

Even though this can be a source of conflict between us, we will always ensure that we to warn you if we think you're going the wrong way!

Privacy Policy

The privacy of your customers and prospects is sacred. We will do everything in our power to protect it by respecting the legislation (but not only).

Good mood

Work is a source of fulfillment for us! And we love to share our good mood in all our exchanges! Help us to cultivate it.

A balanced relationship

We want to be your partner. This partnership must be balanced, putting everyone on the same line. This is an important condition for our mutual success.

And here are the members of the Badsender team

Carbon footprint

Our carbon footprint at Badsender

We work daily to reduce the environmental impact of our business. With our guide to the role of a CRM team in the ecological transition for example. Or eco-design guide email. In 2021, Badsender emitted 42 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent.. This represents 60 grams of CO₂ per euro of sales. (carbon intensity).

For us, the carbon footprint is a management tool for our company.

Just like our balance sheet! It will allow us to better understand the reality of the impact of our activityand in so doingguide our decisions in order to improve ourselves. Badsender carried out its carbon footprint in collaboration with A huge thank you to Alexis Lepage for his guidance, his patience and his pedagogy.

Did you know that?

We have initiated a project called Email Expiration Date aimed at set expiry dates in commercial emails in order to limit their infinite conservation.

Carbon footprint

Our climate commitments

To improve our carbon footprint in 2022 (goal of reducing our carbon intensity by 20%)we have planned a number of initiatives. Here are the different orientations that have already been implemented or are being implemented in our organization, in order of impact:

Responsible purchasing policy

Request carbon footprints from our partners and implement a purchasing and replacement policy for our partners that favors those with a policy of reducing their footprint.

Internalizing our skills

Rather than purchasing services from external partners.

Migrating our infrastructure

Continue to migrate our hosting infrastructures towards more environmentally friendly solutions.

Using different tools

We prefer open source solutions hosted by environmentally friendly companies. We give priority to suppliers with a strong environmental commitment.

Abandon the plane

We do not fly anymore to reduce our carbon footprint at Badsender. Not at all. Nada, que talle, que tchi, peau de balle, makach walou.

Minimizing travel

Minimization of travel at our customers' sites for services of less than a day. We are fully telecommuting and therefore do not have offices.

Promote a less meaty diet

with Badsender employees.

Always buy reconditioned equipment

And also, putting in place of a strategy Bring You Own DeviceNot to mention a lengthening of the renewal cycle.