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Disruptor of more responsible marketing

Let's shake up the norms of email marketing

Badsender is a group of 10 digital specialists with a strong expertise in email marketing. We are convinced that in order to align economic interests with the common good, it's necessary to disrupt traditional marketing practices.

"In life, one must share. The more you give, the more you receive..." (JCVD). Articles, guides, videos, podcasts, newsletters... We share our knowledge without any compensation (or just a little bit of love).

We find the most suitable solution for your organization and your needs (not the other way around) to streamline your email production. Whether it's through a mega HTML template, your router's email builder, a framework, or the email builder LePatron.

We cover the entire email chain : tool selection, deliverability, strategic advice, writing, design. Of course, we also talk about the carbon impact of campaigns, eco-design, accessibility and editorial lines. We can't help it.

Coaching email marketing


We support organizations that want to take responsibility for environmental urgency and ethical concerns. We help them align their communication and marketing with their values. Our goal? To ensure that committed brands benefit from the influence they deserve.


Badsender's References

We've supported them, and they loved it. Explore our client cases for modular email template and email design system , as well as our assistance in choosing a new email campaign management tool.

Badsender's Commitment


Changing the industry to change the system: including an expiration date in emails

Billions of commercial emails are stored indefinitely in data centers around the world. This project aims to reduce the volume of these messages stored for no reason.



Let's evolve consciousness by learning from others

"Sobriété & Marketing…possible ?" is a podcast that explores the boundaries of the usefulness and frivolity of marketing. We meet entrepreneurs, executives, marketing professionals, researchers, intellectuals, who envision a virtuous model or are engaged in a process of transition.