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From email and eCRM production and design.

Badsender hasa complete team of email production specialists HTML email integration, content writing for newsletters, emailing design to best serve the performance of your email marketing and eCRM campaigns.
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HTML email integration.

HTML email integration requires a lot of experience. The multitude of webmails and email clients creates an ecosystem that is difficult to master. It requires great care so that all your subscribers can read your emails in the best conditions.

Email design.

The ergonomics of an email requires very specific skills. In addition to having a different purpose than a web page, the design of an email must also take into account the constraints related to HTML integration which will take place upstream.

Writing of emailing and eCRM content.

Writing your messages, whether they are for your emailings, your SMS notifications or the pop-ups you want to set up on your site, is not as simple as it seems. Our eCRM specialists write powerful content with a single objective: to improve the response rate of your actions.


Email industrialization and...

Management of newsletter templates.

The industrialization of the production of emailings is a recurring need for the advertisers. With Badsender's email builder, you have a tool meeting all the requirements of modern email productionA tool that you can put in everyone's hands, without risking your brand image. A tool that you can put in everyone's hands, without risking to damage your brand image. So discover our tool and request access to our demo environment.

Design System Emailing.

For a coherence between all the email typologies you wish to produce, nothing better than going through a Design Sytem... Come on, we'll explain!

We are attentive to the best practices and operational aspects of email production.
But we also attach great importance to the follow-up of results and optimization. If the need arises, our team will pro-actively propose to perform AB tests and any other optimization action they deem useful. We can intervene on very specific subjects, but also manage all creative and production aspects of all or part of your eCRM programs. Anyway, we manage a lot of things...

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