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Newsletter creation and email production

Change your perspective on email

Newsletters and email marketing are part of the digital landscape and indispensable for your web projects or communications.. However, email design, both in design and integration, has its specificities, and the #EmailGeeks at Badsender know them by heart 💌 If you thought it was a has-been channel, or about to disappear, we'll prove you wrong with innovative and modern creations.

Designing a newsletter requires specific skills. In addition to having a different purpose than a web page, the design of an email must also take into account constraints linked to usage contexts. While it's a given that it has to be responsive if it's to be read from a mobile or computer screen, the email application used also plays a not inconsiderable role. We'll be happy to make recommendations tailored to your needs.

HTML email integration requires a great deal of experience. In fact, the methods used differ from those available on the Web. Also, the multitude of webmails and email clients creates an ecosystem that is difficult to control and will require appropriate technical choices. However, code structure isn't the only element to take into account to guarantee your newsletter's restitution. Accessibility, eco-design, performance and resource optimization are just some of the issues at stake. that we can create for you.

Copywriting, whether it's for your emailings, your SMS notifications or the landing pages you redirect to on your site, isn't as simple as it seems. And unfortunately, it is a part too often neglected. For us, this should be the starting point of your campaign strategy: Content First. Our team of experts writes compelling, engaging messages with a single goal in mind: to encourage people to read and write. in-fine to action.

Rethink your approach to email design. Don't work in silos. On the contrary, provide visibility and a methodology for all stakeholders of your production chain. Make sure that everyone is involved in the production of your e-mailings. This cross-functional approach ensures consistency in your communications, speeds up design and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns by proudly displaying your brand image. All through easily shared and scalable documentation.

There's no reason why the principles of industrialization shouldn't apply to your newsletter and email creation needs. Whether you've already taken the first steps (design, integration, documentation of a Design System) or not, it's time to take it to the next level! Offer your employees a powerful tool that lets them focus on developing their message and content.. A visual editor to manipulate responsive email templates and be autonomous throughout the design phase, right through to production.

our commitments


Display compatibility in email clients

We guarantee the display of our integrations with the main email opening environments. And this, whatever the context: mobile, desktop, darkmode... applying progressive degradation where necessary to ensure message integrity and readability.


Accessibility of your newsletters

The designs and templates we produce are subject to quality control with accessibility tests on both code (text alternatives to images, semantic tags, language and role attributes, etc.) and design (color contrast, font size, etc.).


Eco-design and best practices

If we're looking to limit the impact of an email, we have two closely related levers: optimizing the integration, i.e. the HTML code and the images it calls up, but also the design. It plays a significant role in the design choices for integration, and we can anticipate them.

An efficient action plan
for your design strategy


We analyze your current creative to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. This enables us to challenge your practices and identify avenues for improvement through a list of recommendations.


Thanks to our experience and active industry watch, we can establish a competitive benchmark, but not the only one. The aim is to open you up to other practices and determine new creative content for your campaigns.


What better than collective intelligence to spark off new ideas and stimulate creativity? We collaborate around workshops to reveal your business issues and bring out innovative solutions.


We support your teams to help them develop their skills. Whether it's a change of tool (Figma for design, Maizzle for integration), training them in code or even in the organization and use of your email builder.


Would you like to have your newsletters designed on demand by a team of emailing experts? You've come to the right place. We'll be there every step of the way, from validation to delivery.

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