Our ambition? Help you to lay the foundations for successful eCRM activities and email campaigns. We bring our expertise to boost your performance.

They believe in us

Badsender assists companies from all sectors!
Strategy, ongoing activities, one-shot project or large-scale production…
Badsender can assist you with all kinds of topics, throughout each stage of your eCRM and email marketing strategy. We offer full-service or occasional support to your teams, and we always stick to the same credo: help you to grow and become autonomous on all matters making up our expertise.

We can step in at each stage of your eCRM production cycle

Our coaching offer covers all your needs : reviewing your email marketing and eCRM strategy, automating your campaigns, or defining the eCRM tools that will answer your needs.
We can design your messages from start to finish: copywriting, email design, email coding. We also assist you in implementing your production industrialization.
We put your eCRM campaigns to music through the full-service management of your campaigns, data analysis and processing, marketing automation, and production of reports and indicators.
We make sure your messages land in the right place! Thanks to our deliverability audits, you’ll be able to adopt good practice. And thanks to our deliverability monitoring, you’ll be able to monitor and anticipate possible deliverability incidents.

Should you delegate? Or develop your skills?

Badsender covers all your needs, from writing up your brief to designing your email, managing your campaign and delivering the statistics. You can entrust us with all your email marketing and eCRM demands.
If you’d like to insource eCRM and email marketing skills, we can devise a coaching and training programme adapted to your needs, in order to put a crack team together. We can also assist you in recruiting your future colleagues.

Industrializing your practices

Here is a tool for non-experts that will speed up your emails production without coding a single line. An effective way to do without your agency…
All the data relating to your email deliverability gathered in one place: see your emails delivery conditions in real time, but also prevent and solve deliverability incidents.

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