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Badsender is...

An email marketing and eCRM agency

Our email marketing agency's objective? To lay the foundations with you to make your email marketing and eCRM operations take off! We put all our expertise at the service of your marketing performance. In short, we're killing it, as you can imagine.

emailing agency

Our services as an email agency

Choice of eCRM and email tools.

We help you to choose the best eCRM and email toolsaccording to your needs and your budget. Save time and increase your marketing efficiency.

Strategic coaching.

Our service of strategic email coaching allows you to optimize your email communications by providing personalized advice and customized strategies to improve your conversion rates.

Design of email templates.

Our expertise in design of email templates allows you to create professional and attractive emails that reflect your company's image and maximize the impact of your messages.

Management of emailing campaigns.

We take care of it for you, managing your email campaignsWe can advise you on the segmentation and preparation of your mailing lists, and analyze the results of your campaigns.

Monitoring deliverability.

Our emailing deliverability monitoring service allows you to detect deliverability problems and to take the necessary measures to improve your inbox reception rates, and therefore your open and click rates.

They trust us...

They trust our emailing agency.

And they would be wrong to deprive themselves! Whether it is for their email designtheir HTML integration of newsletterstheir strategytheir deliverability... And whether you like it or not, whether you like it or not. That's the way it is.

We intervene at every stage of :

Your eCRM and emailing production.



Whether you want to see your eCRM and emailing strategyautomate your campaigns or define which eCRM tools fit your needswe support you with coaching assignments.


We set your eCRM campaigns to music. This involves full service management of your campaignsthrough the analysis and processing of your data, marketing automation to the design of reports and dashboards.


To design your messages, from the editorial staff à html email integration by way of the design... We also accompany you in industrialization of your production.


We help you get your messages to the right place! Our deliverability audits will allow you to start again on good practices and our deliverability monitoring will allow you to monitor and anticipate future deliverability incidents.

Delegate, or...

Grow your eCRM/emailing skills.

A full-service emailing and eCRM agency.

The Badsender agency covers all your needs. From the writing your briefs to the delivery of statistics through the design and campaign managementYou can delegate your entire eCRM and email marketing needs to us.

Coaching and training, the winning duo.

Would you like to internalize your eCRM and email marketing skills? We'll prepare a cocktail of coaching and emailing training courses in order to form a strong team. We can even assist you in the recruitment of your future employees.

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your practices.

An email builder for the production of your emails.

A tool, to be put in the hands of non-technical people, for speed up the production of your emailswithout touching a single line of code. A good way to stop needing your emailing agency...

A complete suite for deliverability monitoring.

All your data related to email deliverability all in one place to know in real time the delivery conditions of your emails but also to prevent and solve the incidents of deliverability.

Why use an emailing agency like Badsender?

For our experience and expertise in email marketing.

We have experienced and qualified professionals in this field who can help you design effective campaigns.

To save time

Outsourcing your email communication will allow you to focus on your core business, while we will take care of the design or management of your campaigns.

To make money.

We use the right tools to maximize your return on investment. And by saving you time, you also save money.

To benefit from innovation.

We are constantly evolving and we are constantly on the lookout. We are therefore able to offer you innovative solutions to set you apart from your competitors.


An emailing and eCRM agency... What is it for?

We tell you!

Strategic or operational, time-limited project or large-scale production... The emailing and eCRM agency Badsender accompanies you in all disciplines and at all stages of your email marketing and eCRM strategy. We can operate in full service mode or intervene on an ad hoc basis to support your teams. Our goal will always be to help you grow and to help you be autonomous on all the subjects that make up our expertise: email.

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