Towards a marketing of renunciation? A podcast recorded with Cyril Espalieu from Everide

The marketing of renunciation ! These words dropped by Cyril Espalieu (co-founder and CMO of Everide) in this episode sound obvious, but I never expected them before! Isn't the goal of marketing in a sober world to make citizens-consumers understand and admit that immediacy, newness, "fashion", ... are not so desirable as that.

In this context, isn't the goal of marketing to provide education? The marketing of renunciation would be to explain why continuing to succumb to one's buying impulses is not compatible with theclimate emergency. To explain that responsible purchasing means waiting for the right moment. Waiting until the need is really there, waiting until the right product is available. The product that will last and fill that need for a long time.

With Cyril, we also talked about mountains, the Everide adventure, their "ambassador" strategy, event sponsoring, passion for the outdoors, and the world of second hand. I hope you enjoy it, because I really had a great time!

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