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New podcast block for your emails: Help us debug!

Audio in an email? It's possible! So we worked on a podcast block for your (our) emails.

It is possible, but as usual, not everywhere. The advantage is that the graceful degradation is quite simple to set up. The development is in its final phaseand as long as we're demonstrating it to you, we might as well collect feedback.

Why a podcast in an email?

When producing a podcast, the main objective is to build listener loyalty by encouraging them to subscribe to listening platforms. For this reason, we have integrated the main logos of the platforms (Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Deezer...) in order to encourage the recipients to go there.

The player is displayed in environments that support the audio tag (Apple Mail, Thunderbird...). It allows you to have a preview of the podcast before listening to it on the platforms.

Block email podcast
The future podcast block of Badsender emails

When the audio playback bar is not supported, it is the icons of the audio platforms that allow the recipient to go and listen to the podcast.

Grégory will later publish a technical article to describe the functioning of this audio block, its support and its implementation in our email editor.

Interested in your emails?

Whether it is for integration in an email builder (your router's, a dedicated email builder or in ThePatron) or for use in your handheld integrationsDo not hesitate to ask us to help you to implement a podcast block (or any other use of audio in an email).

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