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A solution for every need, it is!

In choosing our partners, we have taken care to meet all the needs that our customers may express in the operation of their eCRM strategy.
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The advantages of Our partners
Tested solutions

We have selected solutions that have proven their robustness, power and flexibility by serving thousands of customers worldwide.

A specialist for every solution

Each member of our team is specialized in one or more of these solutions.

A permanent return
We are in constant contact with our partners' teams in order to give them our comments on the evolution of their products and to remain permanently aware of their evolutions.
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We remain open to other solutions and partnerships
If you have already completed the choosing your campaign management platform and this one is not among our partners, we do not let you down. Our team can justify an experience on more than ten different solutions and yours is probably one of them. We are planning to expand the number of our partners in the coming months. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more or propose a partnership.

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