Writing email messages and eCRM:

The writing is not so simple...

Which subject lines get your emails opened? How to write an SMS notification that triggers action? How do you formulate push notifications that will optimize your mobile application's usage rate? Our eCRM specialists help write impactful email messages with one goal in mind: improve the response rate of your actions.
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Writing emails and newsletters.

We carry out the writing of your emailings based on a briefing from your product or market managers.

Writing lead acquisition forms and popups.

Good copywriting of your messages on inbound marketing channels is the best way to improve your lead acquisition rates. And start the eCRM dialogue under the best auspices.

Writing your marketing automation scenarios.

Whether it's your welcome program, your product referral program or your post-purchase cycle, we write your messages on all channels, from email to mobile notification by way of SMS.

And if not...

In practice?

1. Reflection

Let's start with a more or less short reflection session (depending on the project) to define the right communication angles according to your marketing and eCRM strategy.

2. Briefing

Then, let's design a briefing that will serve as a framework for the writer and that will be validated by you beforehand.

3. Proposal

The writer takes possession of the subject and submits to you a structured editorial proposal in order to meet the needs of the different mediums.

4. Design

We can also realize the design of your emails on request.

5. Follow-up

Finally, let's do performance monitoring of the editorial team. And we may offer you an AB test when the creative leads allow it.

We always have ideas related to writing content for emails.
Storytelling, offbeat tone, humor, more formal tone... You know, at Badsender, a few of our team members are particularly creative when it comes to writing messages that match your expectations. And we're not targeting anyone. And then we also offer training in Emailing Strategy, so that you learn to write your own content that sends heavy.

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