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Live: Do email routers care about their social and environmental impact?

When I accompany companies in the change of their routing toolIn order to meet the requirements, I add social and environmental criteria to the specifications. And the answers I get from the service providers are not very good so far... in any case, they sound rather "hollow". So I concluded that these concerns were not yet fully reflected in the roadmap of the routers.

In parallel, when Badsender has made its carbon footprintI looked at the different ways to publish it and join the ecosystem of committed companies. Our lovely carbon consultant at Sami (cuckoo Alexis), advised us, among other things, the Climate Act. The Climate Act brings together companies that commit to measuring and reduce their carbon footprint. In order to be a member, you must have measured its carbon footprint (scopes 1, 2 and 3), share the conclusions of this assessment and list its actions to limit the emissions identified.
While poking around, I saw that 2 routing tools were referenced including Splio.

Of course, all this is based on declarations, so the bad tongues will say that it is just a lot of hot air. But still, If these companies take this step, it's because there is an intention, a will to do better, a certain awareness, right?

It is in this logic that I invited 2 members of Splio in this live Thursday, January 26, 2023. We discussed all this with : Houda El Joudi, CSR Manager and Benjamin Billon, Compliance and Deliverability Director (but also in charge of the Expiration date in emailsIt was the occasion to make an update on this subject too).

Relive the discussion in audio

The discussion in video version (please watch in low definition)

The participants

Houda El Joundi Houda has been Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for almost 3 years now at Splio. She follows the different committees and sub-committees to ensure that CSR aspects are well respected in all departments of the company.
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Benjamin Billon Benjamin is Compliance and Deliverability Director at Splio. In parallel, he is a member of the technical working group of the "Expiration date in emails" project.
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Marion Duchatelet : She advises Badsender's clients in their emailing strategy and in the choice of their tools. She organizes master template design workshops for email builder LePatron. She writes articles, hosts lives and podcasts, does training with Badsender but not only that, she jumps on all good ideas to make sure they become reality. She never gives up, never! She wants to understand everything, EVERYTHING! Linkedin link :

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