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Live : Eco-design & email creation

There is a lot of talk abouteco-design in recent months. Eco-design can be more easily understood when it comes to manufacturing a product. But what about when it comes to making an email?

Until today, when creating an email, it is natural to include several dimensions:

  • The economic dimension: the email must be profitable and/or must benefit the company.
  • The desirability dimension: the email must arouse the reader's curiosity, it must be beautiful and give desire.
  • The technical dimension: the email must display correctly on all opening environments.
  • The human dimension: The email must provide added value for its target.

But there is one dimension that is not yet systematically addressed: the environmental dimension.

Integrating eco-design in emailing must become a reflex. It means including the environmental notion at each step of the email life cycle, whether you are a designer, integrator or marketer.

In this live interview, I ask Thomas Defossez about his approach to including the environmental dimension when designing and integrating email.
Why Thomas? He is an emailing designer & integrator at Badsender. It may sound strange but he is really passionate about email (the real passionate, not the one who says he is passionate for his LinkedIn profile). He has this double skill so rare and so precious in our business: the one to know how to sublimate an email creation and the one to know how to code as cleanly as possible. He is in love with Figma. He's an emailing R&D freak, he's on the lookout for all the latest news and innovations. But he never lets himself be impressed by innovation. He takes a step back and always confronts the glitter with the essential needs of brands. He is a great teacher, so he leads trainings. He's got a hell of a pen so he writes tons of articles and great guides on our blog. In fact, he recently wrote a guide to eco-design and another accessibility guide in emailing.

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PRECISION This live will deal with eco-design for email creation (design + HTML integration). So on 2 of the 8 steps of the email life cycle. Of course, including the environmental dimension is done at the stage of setting up the emailing strategy. The other stages will be covered in other lives.

Relive the discussion in audio

The discussion in video version (please watch in low definition)

The participants

Thomas Defossez

Thomas Defossez In addition to design, he is at the forefront of HTML/CSS for email. He is modest, he does not rest on his laurels, he is constantly doing R&D to create innovative emails. He's the one who takes care of the design of our websites (,, les 24joursdelemail...)He also writes content. He writes a lot of articles on our blog where he always puts in movie lines or spoonerisms. He loves to be in relation with guys like Rémi Parmentier, Jason Rodriguez... He's... he's... The illuminator of Badsender !

Linkedin link:

Marion Duchatelet

Marion Duchatelet : She advises Badsender's clients in their emailing strategy and in the choice of their tools. She organizes master template design workshops for email builder LePatron. She writes articles, hosts lives and podcasts, does training with Badsender but not only that, she jumps on all good ideas to make sure they become reality. She never gives up, never! She wants to understand everything, EVERYTHING! Linkedin link :

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