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Badsender launches the podcast "Sobriety & Marketing... possible?"

"Sobriety & Marketing... possible?" is a podcast that explores the limits of marketing utility and futility. Jonathan Loriaux and Marion DuchateletIn the course of the exhibition, the authors meet entrepreneurs, managers and marketing executives who are proposing a virtuous model or who are engaged in a transition process.

Why this podcast?

It's been a long time since the Badsender team has been aware of environmental issues. As of 2019, we have organized a workshop at emdayThomas wrote an article on theeco-responsible email. We have made a climate mural with all employees in January 2021, migrated our infrastructure "(email, calendar, websites, file exchange, ...) at Infomaniak, launched the idea of expiration dates in emails in March 2021, achieved our carbon footprint in January 2022.

But very quickly, even deeper questions come to mind. Does our job have a meaning? Doesn't emailing (and marketing in the broad sense) encourage over-consumption? Is marketing compatible with a world in which we must consume less and better? In a world that we want to be more sober, what should marketing be? Isn't marketing, by definition, opposed to the need for sobriety?

A podcast that explores the limits of usefulness and futility in marketing

We ask our guests about their background, their projects, their organizations, their visions of marketing and their practices but also values, recruitment, salary, change of consumption habits, etc...

We are convinced that the discussions with our guests will make us (Badsender) advance in our reflections on the usefulness and the meaning of our job in order to readjust or to fork outright!

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

Our 1st guest: Charles Christory, co-founder of Le Fourgon

The van is the return of the returnable beverage distribution to the home. I spent almost an hour with Charles Christory, one of the co-founders. Previously, Charles set up the Adictiz agency, a marketing game creation solution. We discuss together his background, what led him to create Le Fourgon, his vision of the company, of society at large, and of course of marketing, the practices they use within Le Fourgon.

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And after Charles?

We already have 3 recordings in the editing process, and others waiting to be recorded. We're going to try to release 1 podcast every 15 days! If you know any professionals or if any impact companies inspire you in their approach, don't hesitate to contact usWe'll be happy to interview them 🙂

We wish you a good listening!

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