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New episode of the podcast "Sobriety & Marketing...possible?" with Marion Graeffly from TeleCoop

We announced the launch of our podcast "Sobriety & Marketing...possible?" about two weeks ago. Here is a new episode today.

This time, I met Marion Graeffly, co-founder of TeleCoopthe first cooperative telecom operator.

"We can only do it this way."

I spent almost an hour with Marion. We discussed together his background, what led him to create TeleCoop, his vision of the company, his its obvious choice of founding a cooperative rather than a "classic" company, the telecom sector, the cooperative world, and of course the marketing and practices they use within TeleCoop.

A lot of teaching and little promotion

You will see that there are a lot of education and awareness to digital sobriety in their marketing messages, very very little promotion, and a lot of sponsorship (which made me think back to the practices I heard about Charles, co-founder of Le Fourgon in this episode)

To raise awareness and convince people, TeleCoop relies heavily on events, by organizing webinars, attending trade shows and organizing partnerships.

An alignment between values and actions

TeleCoop's values are evident everywhere This is the case in the marketing positioning, in the price, in the content of the messages, but also in the choice of tools, service providers and servers. A completely natural way of thinking and working: "This is the only way we can do it." says Marion.

A counter-current strategy

TeleCoop puts its faith in people. While most companies think of paths that highlight the website's FAQs and "hide" the customer service phone number, TeleCoop encourages their contacts to call customer service. They industrialize certain tasks to free up time for a customer service that does not up sell at all. The ROI is not directly measurable, but TeleCoop assumes that it takes time to convince people in person. So the ROI comes after this conviction.

We also talked about...

professional transition (and notably the question of salary, daring to leave a private company with a comfortable salary in digital marketing), 5G, Metavers...

Switch to TeleCoop

I have been a TeleCoop customer since July 2021. The transition from my previous provider (Orange) to TeleCoop went very smoothly and without any problems. I can only encourage you to support the values of this company rather than a traditional operator. In 3 clicks it's done.

I wish you a good listening!

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