Is it necessary to use copywriting to get emails read?

On the one hand, there is emailing. And many advertisers complain about low open and click rates of their campaigns. On the other hand, there are copywriting which is defined as the art of writing texts to achieve marketing objectives.

Copywriting in emailing is a way of writing emails using concise, punchy words that will convince the different personas of a brand. It is the writing of persuasion.

But, is copywriting suitable for all sizes of companies and all sectors of activity? How do you go from classic text to copywriting? Are the performances really better? Is copywriting a new profession to be integrated into CRM teams?

We discussed all this with Lucas Caussette, Copywriter of course!

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When: Thursday 20/10/22 at 11:00 am
Where : on Youtube Live

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The participants

Lucas Caussette Lucas is a freelance copywriter who has recently trained in copywriting. He was previously SEO web copywriter and before that in human resources.

Marion Duchatelet : She advises Badsender's clients in their emailing strategy and in the choice of their tools. She organizes master template design workshops for email builder LePatron. She writes articles, hosts live shows, does trainings with Badsender but not only that, she jumps on all good ideas to make sure they become reality. She never gives up, never! She wants to understand everything, EVERYTHING!

The author

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