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100 good reasons... to love email

You have already read " Society " ? I do. And I love their back cover principle with "100 good reasons...". So we took the initiative to list 100 good reasons to love email. I say "we" because it is a collaborative work, so we might as well embarrass the whole team... And when we talk about email, we are talking about HTML email, right, the professional one, the emailing campaign, the real one. Enjoy your reading!

  1. Because you have to stop using paper flyers, that's how boring it is.
  2. Because working at Adrexo and doing ballroom distribution, it burns your back and your car. And that's a fact.
  3. Because our name is Muriel, and "Muriel" rhymes with "email"!
  4. Because lighting your fireplace with the latest GIFI-des-ideas-of-genius flyer, stop and breaking down !!
  5. Because we want to make a professional reconversion.
  6. Because full telework honestly, at this time, it would not be so stupid as that... and to be able to work from anywhere, even from your sofa in your underwear, it's okay...
  7. Because two or three screens to work with, it gives you a feeling of power and air control, it's crazy!
  8. Because we don't have a neck problem.
  9. Because it's a niche sector, have you ever met an Email Lead Designer or an Email Campaign Manager at a party?
  10. Because we have always loved to tear off a daisy with a weary look while counting out the "a little... A lot... Madly... Passionately..."
  11. To stand out from the rest. You have been told so many times that you are a little different
  12. Because we want it to end up as something other than undesirable or in the garbage can, it's a waste!
  13. To do much more interesting things, like putting emojis somewhere other than in text messages. In objects for example.
  14. To understand why Elliot Alderson in Mr Robot uses ProtonMail.
  15. Because the bathtub enamel is damaged in places. That's a good one. You can take it out for dinner, it's a gift.
  16. Because if you drink hot water right after cold water, it blows the enamel off your teeth. Here's another one for us.
  17. Because we really want to get this damn thing off "no ads, thanks!" sticker on his mailbox...
  18. Because we want to do like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in "You Have a Message", but better.
  19. Because we want to keep our subscribers informed of the latest news, it's normal and understandable!
  20. Because Michel Berger had thought about it before finally deciding for "Personal message", much less sex'...
  21. Because it's a magical world where everything is made of "it depends..."
  22. Because taking the head learning HTML and CSS integration for email, well yes, it changes ... it changes magazines!
  23. Because visually disgusting newsletters in your inbox are enough! No pasaran !
  24. Because all in all, writing by hand hurts your wrist.
  25. Because Renan Luce already has a full mailbox.
  26. Because Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès sent an email one day before the massacre, and that can help the investigators!
  27. Because we dream of seeing emails delete automatically with the "Email Expiration Date" project
  28. Because a Design System, applied to emailIt's intriguing this case...
  29. Because you want to have a chance to work with us, maybe one day...
  30. Because old puns, like "I do enamel, but not for teeth ! Poin poin poin", it's your dada, and it's respected!
  31. Because you have trained to participate in a karaoke battle at EMDay.
  32. Because doing the same mistake as Polnareff and look like a slogan of the RN, it sucks.
  33. To give an unhealthy grin when someone asks you what you do for a living, and answer "I send spam". Or to be enigmatic in society when someone asks you what you do for a living.
  34. Because the terms "DMARC, SPF, DKIM", all that, always excited you...
  35. Because if Ramsay had sent an email to Jon Snow instead of this rotten bastard letter in season 6It would have had more gueule!
  36. Because you will be able to make your own promotion for your music band.
  37. Because it's an opportunity to discover tools such as Figma, Selligent, Return Path, which sound like titles of the next Star Wars or Harry Potter franchises.
  38. Because "Email to Elise", it would look good too.
  39. Because Boris Vian wanted to write a email to the Presidentbut that it didn't exist at the time, that's why.
  40. Because we always predicted the death of email, and finally email still rocks!
  41. Because it puts you on the same level as leaders like Nike or Carrefour in your customers' box. And that's a real turn-on!
  42. Because if you remove the "a", it's Emil. And then you think of the City of Fear (or Emile Louis, depending on your culture).
  43. Because it's always better than loving "emails".
  44. Because you always wanted write a paper book.
  45. Because some exciting live Thursday morning, when you start to be methane blueIt's perfect!
  46. Because you tried to love your children, but it's not that obvious...
  47. Because you want to be able to talk about B2B without thinking about the 2 Be 3.
  48. Because all those acronyms ROI, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, NPAI, FAI, ESP, WYSIWYG that you can't use in Scrabble will finally make sense to you!
  49. Because you want to say that you use a Builderby showing your pecs.
  50. Because you don't need a letter carrier! And when I see the face of my last one, it's just as well!
  51. Because there is no need to pay a tax to GAFAMs to send it.
  52. Because finally, do you know if your readers are interested in you or not?
  53. Because we want to make money, well yes, we have to say it.
  54. To be able to suggest to your boyfriend to "enlarge your penis".
  55. Because it's always evolving, and that's cool.
  56. Because the 3 million CFA francs that an old uncle left you, you won't fall into the trap if you know about it!
  57. So you don't forget the attachment anymore.
  58. To stop programming automatic responses, such as "I'm on vacation from the 5th to the 22nd", but send a professional email once and for all with the closures of your honey box.
  59. Because if Harry Potter had received emails rather than letters to inform him that he is taken to Hogwarts Land, he would have fed his poor adoptive family less.
  60. Because then, you don't need an owl at home, and that's good because I never liked raising field mice to see them being pecked.
  61. Because with an e-mail, you can't force the recipient to answer, unlike with a registered letter. And so, it puts a little less pressure.
  62. Because it's cheap my friend!
  63. Because it's effective!
  64. Because you can then target the openers, the clickers, in short the active ones! And that, on Print, is dead.
  65. Because it's so customizable.
  66. Because it's immediate, no need to wait for the horseman to come.
  67. To finally target
  68. To declare March 5 (death of Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email) an international day of mourning. And therefore a holiday. Period.
  69. Not to be confused anymore "spam" and "spam".
  70. To copy "Society" in an article on the Badsender blog.
  71. To do more than just Topito that are limited to 10 lines. Phew, the little players.
  72. To have stress rises around the holidays (Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Boxing Day) due to lack of milk rise.
  73. Because we have more sheets in the printer.
  74. Because here, why not in fact.
  75. To be able to help the association in which we work and which has no means.
  76. Because we never sent anything but heavy stuff, which is already quite good.
  77. For the fun of it !!!!
  78. To finally write an article for the next 24 days of the emailparticipate in a good deed (mainly) and become someone famous (secondarily).
  79. Because Jonathan LoriauxHe is a legend, and we dream of shaking his hand.
  80. To bring it back withemail experiment on codepen, nothing scares me more than modesty.
  81. For transmit knowledge one day, and more viruses...
  82. For curse Microsoft Outlook and Bill Gates, it's trendy and at least it will make a credible reason.
  83. To expand your English vocabulary with words you use every day, like "display", "preview", "template"...
  84. To get a target, a real one, and we're not talking about that crappy dartboard on the garage door.
  85. To know how to make animated gifs by yourself, like a grown-up, and send them in a mess.
  86. Because stressing people out by setting up a countdownIt's funny anyway... 5... 4... 3...
  87. To not feel alone, but surrounded by experts and friends on the emailgeeks slack !
  88. To, as a woman, be recognized in her profession.
  89. To add new skills to your Linkedin profile, Malt, Coder, Graphic It's up to you!
  90. To make A/B testThis will be a change from antigenic or PCR.
  91. So that the terms automatic indentation, syntactic coloring or autocompletion, which you thought were out of the speech therapy lexicon, are now more familiar to you.
  92. To earn pillows or socks with a beautiful color wheel... Or M&Ms and bottle openers (Thanks Régis) !
  93. To learn how to use a Sarbacane. One last one for the road then.
  94. To speak of domains, without speaking of vineyards.
  95. Because the feedback loopsIt's very Star Treck, it's futuristic, it's trippy!
  96. Because you can create as many as you want, sky is the limit!
  97. Because if we wrote a motivation email, instead of a letter, it would really look more professional!
  98. Because Santa would probably rather consult his box with Netflix on the side, than to deal with 2.2 billion envelopes to open with this damn letter opener!
  99. Because at a stupid dinner where you don't want to talk about work and someone asks you the question: "And you, what do you do in life? You can always answer: "I'm an email dev" and continue to eat quietly Emile or quietly-email!
  100. Because when Auntie Jeanine sends an email with 50 people you don't know in copy, you have the choice: either to make a reply all by throwing a mine (fake news) which will put her in embarrassment ("Too happy Auntie that you are pregnant of Bernard, especially at your age! On the other hand, let's hope that Robert doesn't find out..."), or directly get all the e-mails to subscribe to the Jacquie et Michel newsletter.
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