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Design System Email

Design and creation

Create faster emails, both on the design and on the code, avoiding errors, by remaining coherent on the different typologies, and without soliciting the design and technical teams, is this possible? Yes, with a Design System Email!
design system emailing

Time saving

You don't have to reinvent the wheel anymore, so you can increase the pace.

Consistency guaranteed

Consistent designs, regardless of the type of email designed. For increased credibility!


Reduce the most time-consuming tasks in email production: design and development. 


No more need to rely only on design and code experts.


In the long term, the effort involved in setting up the system will be well worth it.

Approved quality

Fewer mistakes are possible, even when you have to work fast!

Reduced design debt

A reusable frame for increased efficiency and speed.


Clearly communicates expectations with guidelines.

More flexibility

Elastic bodies that can be stretched according to their content. And removable!

Only one source of truth

A single repository when teams change.

Implementation and design...

An Email Design System.

1. Analysis of existing campaigns

We recover all previous email campaigns to discern the blocks you needIf you don't have any previous campaigns, then you start from scratch, that's good too!

2. Establish the wireframes

In a basic format, we schematize the blocks and their contents, to to be able to dissociate more easily the larger or smaller components that compose them.

3. Atomic Design

We disperse, we ventilate! In the 4 corners of the city we are going to find the atoms, scattered by small pieces like a puzzle... With the principle of Atomic Design, we list the smallest elementswhich will create components, which will create modules... And so on!

4. Design of the components

Now that the components are sorted and stored, it's about designing them! A crucial step, subject to back and forth, corrections, discussions, validations...

5. Development of the elements

After the design comes the development phase, of course! The components are translated into HTML and CSS code, for a display specially designed for email marketing.

6. Tests, tests, tests and more tests.

Let's test these elements, make sure they are correctly displayed and rendered on all mail clients and messaging solutions.

7. Drafting of practices

This is the time to give recommendations, guidelines, standards on the use of the defined components and blocks. A nice writing step, so that it is clear, concise, and not subject to misunderstanding!

8. Training for use

Now that everything is ready, it's time to show you how it works, how to use it!

But what does it contain?

A Design System Email?


Item 01:

Components and their classification.

An Email Design System is generally based on theAtomic Design The goal is to start with the smallest elements and end up with a finished email. This involves several steps:

Emailing System Design Recommendations

Item 02:

The components and their uses.

This is simply a matter of all recommendations, standards, guidelines for the use of the components in an email. They can take the form of documentation, with "do's and don'tsIt's a unique source of truth for anyone to be able to quickly build coherent emails.

Rediscover the pleasure of designing emails quickly and efficiently.
With a successful Email Design System created and written by us, easily find all components that you can use in all your emails, and recommendations for use that go with it!

Need a Design System Email?