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Live! Preference center Act 2. Feedback 9 months later!

On April 29, 2021, we organized our first live with Didomi about the Preference Center. The subject is always topical, it has been identified among our 14 emailing trends in 2022. The Preference Center is a subject that needs to be extremely well framed since it has consequences on the management of consent (opt-in) by campaign type, by communication channel, by centers of interest.

During a live event on Thursday, January 27, 2022, we invited Arnaud Courtel and Julien Djelouah. They have participated in the implementation and follow-up of Preference Center of several advertisers at Didomi. We asked them to give us a summary of the feedback they have been observing for the last 9 months.
What are the statistical trends? Are we seeing a decrease in churn? Are brands taking advantage of this to create segments by center of interest? Technically speaking, how does the preference center communicate with the routing tool, the CDP, the commercial CRM and so on?

This was January 27, 2022 on Youtube Live:

The participants

Arnaud Courtel is Head of Digital & Growth Manager at Didomi.
His daily work: Segmentation, CRM, Data Sanity, Optimizations, Processes.
He participated in the development of the 2 Didomi solutions: the CMP and the PMP. Cool! 2 more acronyms to CRM, DMP, CDP, CXP?

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

Julien Djelouah is Head of Product at Didomi.
He participated in the design of the 2 Didomi solutions in conjunction with the developers. He will be able to talk to us about the technical implementation of the solutions within the companies' information systems. Something concrete!

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The author

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