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7 key tasks to perform on your email strategy during lockdown

Because it is necessary to continue to move forward, let's take advantage of this period of confinement to carry out the "basic tasks" on your emailing strategy. We list 7 below:

1- Deliverability audit

Do you know your brand's reputation with email systems? Do you know how much of your email arrives in the inbox, in junk mail, or blocked by spam filters? Is your domain name properly authenticated? Do you have all the signatures (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)? If you don't know, now is the time to find out!

After a call of one hour, a few email exchanges, the audit can be done remotely without any problem!

Learn more about our deliverability audit service !

2- Strategic audit

THE hyper complete service of Badsender. Here, we do a check on absolutely everything Your reputation, your collection process, your design, your HTML code, your newsletters, your commercial emailings, your segments, your triggers, your scenarios, your unsubscription process, your statistics... We dissect everything.

By the way, we have just carry out a full audit for L'Équipe. You can read in this article all the steps of the audit. The audit was entirely carried out remotely, except for the preparation and feedback meetings, but that can be done via Teams.

Learn more about our strategic audit service !

3- Overhaul your automated scenarios

How about thinking together about the relationship scenarios and marketing triggers that should be implemented as a priority to meet your objectives?

We discuss your quantitative and qualitative objectives. We look at what you already have in place, we analyze and optimize the existing. Then, we list and imagine the other scenarios and triggers to put in place in priority.

Learn more about this service, contact us.

4- Emailing diagnosis - Competitive benchmark... or not

What if you took the opportunity to get an outside opinion on the emailings you send? Are your subject lines and preheaders effective? Is the layout of your email elements right? Do the tone and editorial aspects make people want to click? What are your competitors doing? What are the latest trends in email marketing?

You send us some creatives of your latest emails, and we analyze everything from the sender's wording to the footer. We give you your strengths and areas for optimization. We provide you with examples and draw up an emailing benchmark what your competitors are doing.

To learn more about our emailing diagnostic service, contact us.

5- Redesign of your master templates

Your emails are no longer to your liking? Your graphic charter has changed? Your brand has merged with another group? It's time to redesign your website!

The idea is to have a bank of reusable blocks.
How does it work?

  • You send us your latest creations
  • We think together about the blocks you need, the design you want to give to your emails
  • We send you a model
  • At your go, we integrate and comment the code together!

We have a SUPER good designer, loved by ALL our clients. In fact, he redid the master template of the group CMI Publishing. Read the article here. Sanita was E.M.B.A.L.!

Read more about our email design services

6 - Want to change your routing tool?

Is your current tool not working for you? This could be the right time to identify the tools that would best suit your needs? First of all, you need to have your exact needs in mind! This is no easy task. After a few interviews with several members of your team (decision-makers and operational staff), we'll help you write the specifications that best define your needs for your emailing strategy and your expectations of a campaign management provider. We select for you 3 to 4 service providers who are best equipped to meet your specifications. To do this, we rely on our benchmark of 18 mailing solutions.

Learn more about our assistance in choosing a routing tool.

7- Train your teams!

This period of confinement can also be an opportunity to train your teams in emailing ! 4 distance learning courses have been set up:

  • Optimize your emailing campaigns
  • Design your marketing automation strategy
  • Manage the deliverability of your emails
  • The basics of HTML integration
  • Improve your practice of HTML integration for email

We have planned:

  • 1 hour sessions at a time
  • 4 classes during the week
  • with practical exercises on your emailings!
  • possibility to replay the lessons
  • provision of training materials

And then of course we adapt to the schedules that suit you!

Learn more about our distance learning courses, contact us.

Stay home, but even more than before, let's stay in touch during this period of confinement.

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