Emailing and newsletter design:

Badsender blends into your design team.

The emailing and newsletter design must take into account the constraints related to the HTML integration of an email. The development of mobile terminals also induces a specificity of emailing design. These elements mean that the design of newsletters must respond to a strong reflection on UX and UI. And on that, we're good.
email design

Creation of newsletter design.

For your long content, whether editorial or promotional.

Design creation for your transac-tional emails.

Purchase confirmation, registration confirmation, alerts, notifications...

Creation of "email flash" design.

For your commercial emails with one main call to action (such as flash sales and promotions).

Complete design package for all your email communications.

In a process of complete overhaul of your email communication, we take care of the redesign of all your emails to ensure consistency between them. For example, by designing email master templates (and the opportunity to discover our Email Builder "The Boss).


And how is it going...


  1. The design of the different versions of the email for computer and mobile.
  2. Development files with dissociated layers (PSD) or a link to access the model developed on Figmaa tool that is indeed.
  3. The illustrations with their rights.
  4. Font files.
  5. Documentation and, if requested, HTML files for the integration of the different emails.
We are curious about trends and respectful of email design best practices.
Basically, we do some monitoring, some freelancing, to monitor the latest trends and news in email marketing in order to offer you creations that are crazy, with technical innovation when possible. For example, we did a Street Fighter email, an email for Netflix too (the series "The Haunting of Hill House", "Maniac") and even a super original email for Deezer!

Shall we talk design?