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Email design

We know emailing trends and constraints inside out.

Emailing and newsletter design must take into account the constraints of HTML email integration. The development of mobile terminals also brings with it a specificity to email design. These elements mean that the design of newsletters must respond to a strong reflection on UX and UI. And on that, we're good.


We needed real consistency and homogeneity in our graphic design, in order to establish our brand image. So we called on to help us achieve this! The results: more effective KPIs, considerable time savings, enabling us to spend more time on AB testing and targeting, and a new impetus that led us to redesign the graphic charter of our acquisition campaigns and rework our acquisition, retention and loyalty scenarios.


Testimonial from Gaëlle Crozier, EBRA Group.
Still hesitating? Discover the case study.

To finish convincing you.

Designs made on Figma

Because it's the prototyping platform best suited to email designand sharing models is so easy!

A constant watch

To be always at the cutting edge of the latest trends in emailing graphic designWe keep a daily watch.

Mastering development constraints

And that's essential if we're to offer you "realizable" designs in HTML and CSS, without any nasty surprises, with consistent rendering across all messaging solutions.

For young and old alike!

Fédération Française de Tennis, BPCE Group, Dior, Engie, Effy, Antargaz, WWF, Sodexo, Ouest France,, L'Équipe... Our references are there!

We are ready, send us your request!