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Email numbers: What are the best emailing benchmarks?


Article updated by Marion Duchatelet on 24/02/2022

Subject: Bottle to the sea market figures
Hi Marion, I hope you are well.
Tell me, I'm having a big problem getting market figures for commercial email and email in general. I would like to be able to compare some of the trends I see.


Comparing yourself to others (and especially to the competition) is necessarily important when you spend a lot of energy (and money) in marketing actions. And emailing is no exception to the rule, it is essential to be able to situate yourself, to know if you are good, to know if you can do better.

Unfortunately, getting objective numbers is not an easy task. Generally, benchmarks are built by routing tools themselves. These tools compile the stats of their customers, so each benchmark has its own specificities: rather BtoB or BtoC, rather large accounts or SMEs or VSEs, rather loyalty or acquisition emailing... in short, there can be differences in terms of stats!

Before comparing with your own results, check a few methodological elements, especially on how to construct the rates. For example, for the click rate, we can talk about clicker rate, cumulative click rate, reactivity rate, CTOR (Click-to-open rate), click-rate, click-through rate, ... are clicks on unsubscribe links excluded or included ... these different rates are sometimes calculated on the number of messages sent, on the number of messages delivered, on the number of opens, on the number of openers, ... basically, make sure you compare apples with apples!

Campaign Monitor: Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2022

Campaign Monitor is part of the family of brands CM Group (and that's a lot of people now: Selligent, Cheetah Digital, Campaign Monitor, Liveclicker...). For this report, more than 100 billion emails sent on their platforms in 2021 were analyzed!

This benchmark allows you to see the results by industry, by day and even by region of the world. They also talk about the effect of Mail Privacy Protection from Apple on opening rates.

Campaign Monitor : Indicators by sector of activity
Campaign Monitor: Effects of Apple's Mail Privacy Protection

Mail pro : Email Marketing Benchmark 2021

Mailpro is a Swiss-hosted routing tool that compares to better-known tools on the market like Mailchimp or Sendinblue. Mailpro analyzed the emails of 100,000 of their customers randomly selected from annual subscription accounts, free accounts and prepaid accounts. It's important to note that most of the customers are European, followed by South and North Americans. They did not include Asia in this benchmark as the accounts were not representative enough.

The indicators are broken down by country, sector of activity and day of the week.

MailPro: opening rates by country

And what is interesting in this benchmark is that the indicators are compared according to the type of emails: personalized emails vs. non-personalized emails vs. automatic emails.

Mailpro : click-through rates by email "type

Klaviyo: Benchmark 2021

Klaviyo is clearly e-commerce, retail and rather SME oriented. With Jonathan AndréOur expert Klaviyo wrote a few months ago a nice article about them for that matter.

What's pretty cool about this benchmark (besides the fact that it compares rates by industry as well) is that they are FINALLY talking about conversion rates and revenue per recipient. And no one else (to my knowledge) is coming up with these highly interesting figures.

Klaviyo: Apparel/Accessories Conversion Rate
Klaviyo: sales by email delivered - health & beauty sector

What is also laser hot in this benchmark is that we have the stats by campaign typology: welcome, cart abandonment, browsing abandonment, post-purchase... and this, by business sector!

Klaviyo: email cart abandonment indicators by industry

Litmus: State of email engagement 2021

Litmus is the famous rendering tool for email... but it is also a tracking solution to know everything about the environment and the conditions of opening of your campaigns. From this data, Litmus makes a monthly benchmark of the market shares of email clients. Each month, about 1 billion openings are analyzed and compiled on

But it would be a shame if Litmus stopped there with all the data they have! That's why the Boston-based company releases an annual "State of Email Report" that takes the data collected over the previous years. The objective is to comment on the variations in the use of email, and mainly, the evolution of the use of email display environments.

Litmus: top opening environments
Litmus: distribution of opening environments by device

You will find the trends DarkModeThis is a point that comes up frequently in the email designs.

Litmus : Dark mode trends

And also: opening days and hours by country, reading time...

Validity: State of Email 2022

Validity is the company that in just over 2 years has acquired a significant number of companies in the world of data quality and deliverability. Among the most important acquisitions, we can mention 250ok, Retun PathBriteVerify.

The report is based on more than 2.5 billion inboxes, the industry's largest email data network. This report allows you to have an idea of the percentages of emails delivered to the inbox, delivered as spam... of the evolution of the complaint rate, unsubscribes, bounces... but also of the open and click rates!

Validity: complaint rate soars in Q4 2021
Validity: open rate soars in Q4 2021, click rate drops (MPP I love you)

Signal Spam : Barometer

I hesitated before putting the barometer Signal Spam in this article, but ... I did it 😉 It's about the quarterly statistics of spam reported to the Signal Spam association. It doesn't talk about email marketing and not even really about deliverability, but having a follow up of this kind of barometer can still help to understand the reasons for the evolution of spam filters with regard to spammers' practices.

Those who were coming out of the benchmarks... who are out of it or won't come out of it anymore 😉

  • IBM Watson Marketing : The last one is from 2018. It's a shame because it was very comprehensive, multi-country, multi-sector with averages, but also median and 1st and 3rd quartile figures.
  • Sendgrid's global email benchmark report : The latest batch of Sendgrid's benchmark is from 2018. This benchmark represents rather BtoB numbers.
  • Mailchimp The last one of Mailchimp dates from October 2019. Mailchimp, even if it is also used by large structures, is mainly a solution used by small and medium-sized companies, and by associations.
  • Cheetah Digital Cheetah Digital is not going to be released from the benchmark anymore. The solution has been bought by CM group.
  • SNCD The two Email Marketing Attitude (EMA) studies that the SNCD publishes each year are not benchmarks in the sense that we will not find figures on the performance of campaigns, but a qualitative study on the perception that consumers and professionals have of email marketing. But the latest studies date back to 2019.
  • SNCD email router figures Here is a second study published each year by the SNCD! This one, tries every year to establish figures around the activity of the email routers members of the SNCD in order to show the evolution of the number of emails sent, of the turnover, of the number of customers, ... beware however that the number of members of the SNCD varies from one year to another, which implies that the evolution of the figures is not always obvious to understand (it's the press release itself that says it 😉 ). The last study was in 2020.

To finish!

We'll have to work on keeping this article up to date! By the way, don't hesitate to share your favorite benchmarks in the comments, it will be a great way to further enrich what has been exposed above. Other information, Badsender also performs internal benchmarks for its customers as part of our email coaching and our strategic audits ! Don't hesitate to ask us for some information!

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