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Coaching is a great way to take your eCRM project management to the next level. Our specialized experts allow you to benefit from an outside view of your email marketing and eCRM practices. They will accompany you on very specific and precise subjects, but also throughout your campaigns in order to answer your questions and guide you towards the best practices.
email marketing coaching
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Our consultants will accompany you over the weeks during video sessions to make sure that the points listed on the roadmap of the 360 audit are well implemented.

What can coaching offer you?

  • Strategic coaching for your recurring campaigns (sending planning):
    • Statistical analysis of your last campaigns
    • Decision on whether or not to relaunch based on the results
    • Definition and management of your mailing schedule: listing of your future mailings, subject line project, preheader project, editorial axis, main CTA, advice on the selection and segmentation of addresses, implementation of A/B tests

  • Strategic coaching for your marketing automation :
    • Coaching on triggers, rhythm, number of messages, wireframes, editorial content
    • Support for the implementation and configuration of your routing tool
    • Statistical follow-up of the scenarios and optimization tracks

  • Strategic-technical coaching "Background tasks" :
    • Definition of the ideal segmentation strategy
    • Mapping of your DATA
    • Implementation of connectors between your routing tool and your information systems
    • Setting up dynamic segment lists in your routing tool

  • Deliverability Coaching :
    • Reputation data analysis
    • Intervention in the event of a deliverability incident: advice on address selection to restore the level of reputation
    • Exchanges with ISP abuse services and webmails
    • Advice on the management of IPs, domains, sub-domains
    • Technical configuration: SPF, DKIM, DMARC and co
  • Coaching Design / Message writing
    • Advice on optimizing and imagining new creative paths
    • Design assistance in your html editors
    • Editorial support

And much more! Don't hesitate to ask our emailing experts for customized coaching.


Benchmark of creative and strategic trends


  • Position yourself against your competitors
  • Learn from other industries' practices
  • We not only analyze newsletters, but we are also able to give you examples of automated scenarios (Birthday, Welcome, Abandoned basket...)

What can we learn from a trend benchmark?

  • Generate new creative leads
  • Optimize the frequency and timing of your campaigns
  • Position your strategy in comparison with your competitors
  • Learn from best practices in other industries.
  • Validate email design trends and inspire your creative experiments
  • Understand how other writers position their approach to specific products and life cycles. What are the trends in email copywriting, storytelling...

What we analyze

Subjects / Pre-header / Email content / Sender name / Days sent / Marketing pressure


  1. Selection of similar brands or brands representative of a sector of activity;
  2. Selection of innovative brands from other sectors with similar business challenges;
  3. Analysis of the ad-hoc mailing schedule and comparison of mailing rates;
  4. Analysis of the content, design and writing of a selection of emails;
  5. When available, analysis of the rhythm and content of a selection of automated scenarios;
  6. Analysis of other criteria related to the quality of campaigns: object quality, mobile optimization, preview optimization, code quality, deliverability configuration, etc.
  7. Response to specific questions asked by the client.

Deliverability Coaching

Our coaching service deliverability allows you to benefit from an external view of your deliverability practices and/or to accompany you in the optimization of your practices following the realization of a audit. Throughout your campaigns, we are present to answer your questions and guide you towards the best practices.

  • Analysis of the data from your deliverability monitoring
  • Intervention in the event of a deliverability incident
  • Implementation of good practices
  • Answers to strategic questions you may have
  • Support in the implementation of your inactive processing programs.
  • Advice on address selection and segmentation
  • Support on technical integration
  • Analysis of good to go
  • Exchanges with ISP abuse services and webmail

Coaching Design

Innovative and interactive emails

We propose you to work on an innovative approach of design and theintegration of your emails : interactivity in the email, video emails, horizontal emails, carousels, animations, hover effects, countdowns... Our email design experts will work with you on your creative process to leverage the latest techniques available.

Agency mode

You delegate us the creation of your innovative emails and we work in "agency" mode


We accompany your creative teams in the evolution of their skills by working hand in hand on concrete subjects.
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