HTML emailing and newsletter integration:

Email integration requires experience.

We develop in HTML integration your email projects so that they are compatible with all the tools on the market and offer you maximum visibility. Do you also want your emails to be compatible with cell phones? No problem! We're here for that!
html integration email newsletter

Re-integration of an existing email template.

In order to make it compatible with all webmails and email clients of the market.

Transformation of a newsletter.

In order to make it compatible with mobile terminals.

HTML integration of an email.

From a brand new design (see also our email design services)

Your emails tested
in more than 30 couriers.

HTML integration of a responsive email.

Compatible with mobile devices from a new emailing design.

The process...

of the HTML input.

1. Retrieve the elements

You provide us with your HTML template existing or your emailing design.

2. Pedagogy

On this basis, we explain what will be the constraints of the email HTML input.

3. HTML/CSS integration

After your approval, we carry out the HTML/CSS integration.

4. Delivery

Delivery of the different files (images and HTML file) to import into your routing platform.

5. Good to go

We send you the email in real condition for validation. It's always better!

6. Test

The new template is tested in Email On Acid in order to guarantee maximum compatibility with different software and webmails.

7. Setting up

As an option, we can also do the HTML integration of your template in your mailing platform.

Some examples

Code realizations and email input.
Dark mode

We make sure that the rendering of your email in Dark Mode is as "clean" as possible and that the content fits this parameter as well as possible!


We code the emails so that the rendering when 120 DPI is enabled on a machine with Outlook on Windows is consistent with the original artwork.


We always check the email rendering on Outlook software for Windowsto be sure that the display with the Word renderer is the most aesthetic!

HTML Weight

With the 102kb limit on Gmail, we develop the lightest possible HTML code for email, so that it is not truncated!

Image weight

For an optimized loading time, we reduce to the maximum the weight of the visuals present in the emails. And we take the time to do it.


For an optmized display of your product visuals on mobile with Retina screen, we provide, when possible, high quality visuals and reduced in weight!

Media queries

If you ask us, we can code an email with the Hybrid/Fluid method so that a mobile version is displayed, even when media queries are not supported.


Overview of the buttons, carouselforms, animations... We will propose you a set of possible innovations in emailing, by explaining you the fallbacks!


We attach great importance to accessibility in emailsto ensure optimal reading by screen readers and optimized consultation for people with disabilities.


Provide you with editable templates, to build consistent tested emails, and quickly.

We are...

Emailing craftsmen.

Clearly, we love our job, even if it can put some people off.

And we do it by following specific processes. Among our focus points in our HTML email integrations, we attach particular importance to accessibility.

but also an importance to the biggest complications of email marketing

Dark Mode, 120DPI, consistent rendering on Outlook for Windows, reduced weight and code, optimized images...

But we don't stop there! We innovate.

We also conduct research, participate in experimentation, development and innovation: element overlays, carousel, CSS effect, hover, fake video, panoramas, animations...

The world of emailing code is a daily challenge

Where a lot of things are still to be tested and developed. And you know what, we're doing our best to help!

We are attentive to the latest technical developments and innovations in the email code.
To do this, we monitor email integrators from all horizons and all countriesMark Robbins, Kristian Robinson, Jason Rodriguez, Rémi Parmentier... A whole assembly of #emailgeeks that we keep a very close eye on! But it must be said that we have some phenomena in our team... Modest with that... And if you need it, we can also train you to HTML integration for emailing. It can't hurt!

How about we get together and talk about it?