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Deliverability monitoring

A tracking solution and experts deliver

Deliverability is rarely a topic of discussion before a problem arises, and sometimes it's late in the day to get out of it. Our email deliverability monitoring services aim to prevent this type of situation by anticipating deliverability incidents and detecting them as quickly as possible. And then, if needed, our trainers can train you more widely on deliverability!
email deliverability tracking

Discover all the objectives of the...

Deliverability monitoring

01. detect drops in deliverability performance.

02.understand how your emails are delivered.

Analyze the impact of technical and marketing optimizations on your deliverability.

04. benefit from the experience of our email deliverability experts and get a reactive support.

05. protect your brand and your reputation as a sender.


The indicators to analyze for...

Monitor your deliverability

Internal reputation.

All the indicators that you capture directly in your campaigns and that can be analyzed from your sending platforms or our monitoring solution. One of the most valuable: the open rate per domain name which allows to detect an incident very quickly.

External reputation.

The set of indicators that we can receive from webmails/FAI and specialized operators. For example: reputation scores (SNDS from Hotmail, Posmaster Tools from Gmail, SenderScore...)The volumes of complaints recovered via feedback loops, blacklists...

Our solution of...

Email deliverability monitoring

Inbox placement analysis.

Using a seedlist, we analyze your campaigns to define where your emails are delivered (reception, spam, promo...) and what are the delivery times. This allows you to have a very detailed picture of the delivery of your emails. It is also possible to set up automated alerts to detect changes in the behavior of the most critical destinations for your business.

Automated campaign diagnostics.

All campaigns passing through our seedlist are automatically audited to verify several important technical parameters for your deliverability such as: good authentication of emails (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)You can also configure the sending IPs, the presence of a text version, the validation of links... and many other parameters.

Reputation monitoring.

The email reputation of your IPs and domains is automatically analyzed and alerts are generated in case of incidents. This reputation monitoring is done via the analysis of the volumes of spamtraps affected, via the analysis of Microsoft SNDS data ( the SignalSpam feedback loop and other feedback loops as needed.

DMARC monitoring.

DMARC is a relatively new technology that can detect the sending of emails from a server that does not play the correct authentication game (SPF, DKIM). This is a very useful technology to detect potential phishing attacks, but also misconfigured/maligned sending servers. Via a specialized dashboard, we allow you to detect and analyze email flows that are not authenticated or not properly authenticated.

Blacklist monitoring.

Blacklists, whether they list IP addresses or domain names, are classic tools in the fight against spam. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for legitimate email senders to be listed by them. In order to minimize the inconvenience of this situation, our blacklist analysis tool checks several times a day your IPs and domains in the most important blacklists of the market and generates alerts if necessary.

Marketing performance analysis.

This is not strictly speaking a deliverability analysis, but since marketing performance is closely linked to deliverability performance, it is important to be able to process this information. This performance analysis (via a specific tracker to insert in your campaigns) allows to have an accurate view of your recipients' engagementto process and segment your targets according to their behavior and activity level.


What do we do when...

A problem of deliverability is detected?
  1. First of all, we would like to alert you.
  2. Then we analyze the possible causes of the incident.
  3. So, we put a plan of action in place.
  4. If necessary, we contact ISPs and webmails when relevant.
  5. Finally, we follow up on the situation.

Discover 3 good reasons to entrust us with your deliverability monitoring !

Our goal is to act as an extension of your internal teams throughout the project.
When you need a deliverability audit, you are often in a hurry. If this is the case, we will do everything to be as reactive as possible. Most of the time, it only takes two or three days to get the first clues to identify your deliverability problems. Contact us to discuss it! We can provide one of our deliverability experts. He will accompany you throughout the audit and can ensure a daily follow-up of your deliverability. If there is an impact, he will step in and help you get things back on track.

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