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Deliverability audit and support

A deliverability consulting solution

With our deliverability audit, we advise you on all your deliverability processes, on the technical aspects but also on marketing. The objective of Badsender is to accompany you in the improvement of your practices in order to help you become autonomous on the subject of email deliverability. We can also train you on deliverability if you want?
email deliverability audit

Technical deliverability audit.

Verification of technical configuration, authentication management (SPF, DKIM...)IP addressing plan, blacklist monitoring, separation of transactional and marketing flows...

Improved data quality.

Deliverability is strongly influenced by the quality of interactions with subscribers. This means good complaint management, regular cleaning of bounces (emails arrived in error)a strategy dedicated to the inactive...

The content of the emails.

Content filtering is the oldest method of detecting spam, which is why it is still very important today to pay attention to the methods of construction of an email.

Sender identity management.

Your identity is a key element of your reputation as an email sender: the more transparent you are, the less likely you are to be considered a spammer.

And more tips with our deliverability audit...

Deliverability does not stop at these first 4 pointsThere are still a multitude of criteria that influence it.

The deliverable of...

Deliverability audit

01.30+ items analyzed.

So many points reviewed in the deliverability audit to help you know where you stand: Each point will be accompanied by advice to help you improve the situation.


A workshop is planned in order to meet the different actors of the company (technical, data management, content production...)

03. creation of a deliverability roadmap.

From the most urgent to the least important, we provide you with a list of your deliverability priorities.

04.Training and presentation of the roadmap.

In order to present you the results of the deliverability audit and to be able to provide all the necessary clarifications, a training and a presentation will be planned.

05. personalized support.

When setting up the councils, a personalized accompaniment can be envisaged (on request).


What do we do when...

A problem of deliverability is detected?
  1. First of all, we would like to alert you.
  2. Then we analyze the possible causes of the incident.
  3. So, we put a plan of action in place.
  4. If necessary, we contact ISPs and webmails when relevant.
  5. Finally, we follow up on the situation.
Our goal is to act as an extension of your internal teams throughout the project.
When you need a deliverability audit, you are often in a hurry. If this is the case, we will do everything to be as reactive as possible. Most of the time, it only takes two or three days to get the first clues to identify your deliverability problems. Contact us to discuss it! We can provide one of our deliverability experts. He will accompany you throughout the audit and can ensure a daily follow-up of your deliverability. If there is an impact, he will step in and help you get things back on track.

Don't be afraid... Contact us!