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Tools to make your emails

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!
As summer approaches, I hope you are doing well. And with the sunshine coming up, it may give you a desire to change, to explore, to get your hands dirty!
So we'll try to help you a little with some tools 😉
And everything is free and online! If you don't make top emails with this ...
It is in the vein of the articles of my illustrious colleague and work colleague Thomas Defossez who had already beautifully posted on this blog 2 subjects giving you many keys :
Amazing tools part 1
Amazing tools part 2

3 cool icon sites

Because we always need little icons at home.

3 beautiful and royalty-free photo sites:

A great way to illustrate its digital communications.

Online image processing:

Not everyone knows Figma or Photoshop. Here it is efficiency and simplicity of use.

Gifs generator :

As long as the video does not play on all webmails, it is still the best solution.

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

  • ==> creation of online gifs from images or video.
    Here too, it is a tool mentioned by Tom, but this highlights its importance and usefulness

Spell checker:

  • ==> spell checker.
    Always useful because a mistake hurts... Not only does it sting the eyes but it also damages your communication and your brand. Better to take the time to check!

Sending files without limit and French site:

  • ==> send files without limit and it's a french site
    Useful to send pictures, data, ...

Pallet generator and explorer:

This site is really worth a visit!

  • ==> see the colors that go together and generate color palettes It's very useful to create your email design system or your visual identity!

Webmarketing :

Sending a test:

To generate a signature for your professional email box:

If you want to change your pro signature, it's very simple 😉

Here's hoping this little toolkit serves you well and saves you time.
You can of course couple this with a builder like our national Patron.
And if you have any questions don't hesitate, you know where to find us.
May the power of emailing be with you 🙂

Sources : frenchstartupper and Google

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