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New feedback loops at Validity!

Last November, I published an article dedicated to deliverability and about a new feedback loop managed by Validity. At that time, it was about Telecom Italia. The group joined the Validity Data Network.

' Read the article "New feedback loop at Validity" to learn more!

Validity adds 2 new feedback loops to its catalog

Last week, Mathieu Girol (Director International Data Services at Validity) announced the arrival of two new members and thus two new feedback loops. They are two French actors (French advertisers will be happy :p), namely Gandi (a hosting company) & SFR (an ISP).

After La Poste (a few years ago), SFR is the second French ISP to join the Validity galaxy and to propose a feedback loop (in addition to the Signal-Spam one). This will allow you to know the complainant address and to quarantine it in case of complaint.

Two possible configuration methods

These two new feedback loops can be configured in two different ways: via IP or via DKIM.

Need help?

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Two types of registration are availables

The format does not change, the complaint returns are sent in ARF format (see Abuse Reporting Format). To make it simple, you will receive an e-mail from the organization with the complete SMTP header of the e-mail declared as undesirable in attachment (in almost 100% cases). This will allow you to retrieve the complainant's address but also to know which campaign generated the complaint.

Validity's Universal Feedback Loops

With the addition of these 2 new FBLs (see Feedback Back Loops), Validity has 31 partners, listed below:

Listing of Validity partners offering a feedback loop.

As a reminder, Validity offers this service for free. It is accessible from the following URL:

Validity's goal is to "provide a universal feedback loop" and more importantly "create and update all feedback loops with just a few clicks".

Do not hesitate to contact your ESP to make sure that these new FBLs have been implemented.

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