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Best of email marketing - June 2020

Launch of

It has been several months now (I don't count them anymore, it seemed like an eternity) that the founder of Basecamp, Jason Friedand the co-founder of Basecamp, David Heinemeier HanssonThey are posting very, very, very regularly on their Twitter accounts a sumptuous teaser: the future appearance of a new email servicenamed This is it, finally: Since June 2020, it is now possible to get a hey address and enjoy the free 14-day version.

Best of email marketing June 2020
Small overview of the page

And yet, it was a bad start, folks, since a few days after its launch, Apple refused to approve the Hey application in the App Store (apparently under the false pretext that Basecamp refused to pay the 30% to be paid to Apple among others...). But since June 25Hey is also available on the App Store. Hey is a service that seems promising on its email reading system, on the possible sorting, its ergonomics... But it seems to suffer from some accessibility issues. This little flea invites us to her party with a 99$/year subscription... Well, I'll stay on, that's fine. But I'm still going to take advantage of the 14 days trial, because I'd like to explore all the features of this new service, and write an article about it, my dear darlings!

HTML email training by Rémi Parmentier

Ouuuuh that's heavy stuff! After the Litmus certification, Rémi Parmentier also starts to offer small workshops in partnership with... Smashing Magazine ! That's all! And of course, as we know the man more for his hard work in emailing, we will appreciate these 4 workshops of June of 2h30 each, on the subject "Building Modern HTML Emails without going mad.

But the swallow is not afraid of being chased, and in our team, Fabien has signed up for these workshops: he is delighted! On the menu: Accessibility in emailing, responsive, fluid, hybrid, dark mode, interactive emails, AMP, Outlook and the Word rendering engine... In short, only good stuff that can only please #emailgeeks ! Unfortunately, it's over now, but at least you know it's over, and what's over is over already.

They were faster than us...

And it's a blessing in disguise! We would have liked to create a site that would list all job offers in email marketing... There would have been email & CRM manager positions, marketing automation specialist positions, email coder positions... It would have been called ! And then finally, it is Jeff de Wijsa genius, who developed this little wonder. I leave my pain in Sicily ... If you are looking for a job and you are passionate about email marketing, go for it! Well, for France, for the moment, there are only two positions... But hey (no nothing to do with the first post), if you are a recruiter, don't hesitate to go and add offers to the site! to find a job in emailing
A small overview of the offers that await you, around the world...

Litmus Live Everywhere

Litmus, in addition to being an email preview solution, is also merchandising: cushions/pillows (the great battle of words ????), tshirts for #emailgeeks... And these products are regularly put forward during the Litmus Live. But their mugs are not only used to dip its flan and this year, no Litmus Live but a Litmus Live Everywhere with, for the month of June, a very nice program and a great theme "Measuring emails and telling stories with data" :

  • Dive into the email measures by Lauren Kremer from Litmus
  • Create interactive emails with HTML, CSS and AMP by Jason Rodriguez from Litmus. It's already the second workshop I've been able to take: One more, and we should get certified! ????
  • Use the data to generate custom templates by Anne Tomlinfounder and developer of Emails Y'all
  • Why nobody reads your emails? by Scott Strattena best-selling author and president of UnMarketing.

Well, of course I'm talking about past events, but cheh! It's not my fault, you had to register, it's not for lack of to have warned you !

Spam is back in force and it's cool

I have a strong need to stay in your camp (that of the good senders) but What a delight to see spam back in force! And let's be clear, this is not about junk mail, but about canned meat... Keuwa? You didn't know this story? Spam, originally, is a brand Hormel Foods dating from 1937. During the Second World War, it was a staple food for American soldiers. It was a Monty Python sketch repeating the word over and over that brought it into the Internet vocabulary to designate the unwanted messages that pollute mailboxes. (I'm not making this up, I quote).

spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam,
Photo of Spam brand canned meat, from the website

And just when we thought the brand had been forgotten (at least in Europe), she finally made her comeback with the confinement. Canned meat is one of the foods to be stored: "It's kind of a return to comfort food and nostalgia in these tough times." explains The Straits Times. Imagine that in France a spam mail was called a "Delpeyrat", a "Castelnaudary" or worse... a "Reflets-de-France"... Hashtag badbuzz.

PS: five very gravelly spoonerisms (to show you the general state of mind of Badsender) have slipped into this article. Can you find them? Tell us everything in comments, don't be shy ???? !

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  1. But they are good these best of Thomas, we regaaaale! On the other hand, I didn't find the slightest spelling error. Will you give the answers in the future?

  2. @Robin: thank youiiiiiii Robin 😉 I'm waiting to see if anyone finds it (internally at Badsender, Marion Duchatelet found a big chunk of it, but that's because we're really dirty-minded, it helps 😂). I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I completely forgot to mention quail eggs of Sendethic's webinars on June 25 I feel bad...

  3. A classic of counterpetry ...
    Mugs are not just for dipping your flan
    Mufs are not only used to dip your gan

  4. @Bruno it's what it seemed to me, your image is much too healthy (we continue in the spoonerism 😂)

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