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Rémi Parmentier's email workshop

I have sollowed Rémi Parmentier's workshop "Building Modern HTML Emails Without Going Mad !
My colleague and friend Thomas who found this training from behind the scenes and then my boss Greg who signed me up.

Taiiiooooo finally a course that I'm into! Why do I want to do it?
1- Because it's Mr. Remi Parmentier already. Yes, let's not be afraid of words... He is one of the popes of the email code (among others). When you see Jason Rodriguez (From chez Litmus) who comes into the training and modestly says he's coming to see if he can learn anything. I love this humble and always on the lookout mentality.
2- Because finding specialized training on email when you are not necessarily a novice is not easy to find.
3- Because Rémi doesn't have an American Oklahoma accent and I can easily understand his English (and that's cool!)

Well, here we go for 4 sessions! Everything is based on a US schedule, so the training will be from 6pm to about 8pm.
Very excited to get started and see what the menu has in store!

Day One:

We start with a presentation of email and webmails, tools, examples and practice. With a big focus on Outlook, the bête noire!
Very good introduction.

Day Two:

The responsive.
Everything goes: no media queries, fluid/hybrid, scalable, mobile first, ...
We make a nice tour of the owner and his techniques, his tips.

Day Three:

Accessibility & dark mode.
2 notions that are not to be taken lightly when coding. Accessibility is essential and a minimum of accessibility is required in emails. It's a matter of respect or even politeness towards your audience.
Ditto, dark mode is becoming important too as customers are talking about it more and more. Always good to see an advanced coder's perspective and way of doing things.

Day Four:

For me certainly the most expected with the interactivity in the email.
No spoilers for the moment, but we learn cool techniques and efficient rendering: quizzes, image switching, AMP, ...

Summary of this email workshop by Rémi Parmentier

Great time of techniques, examples, tips! There is nothing to throw away.

Note that each day of training, we have the examples made live with tests. At least Rémi demonstrates what he says or his examples in a row.
Each session ends with a series of "live" questions asked by the speakers. Rémi is willing to play the game and you can feel his involvement, his passion and his will to transmit a maximum of notions/knowledge.

And a lot of respect! Because to hold more than 8 hours live with technical English email and integration, it is a hard exercise. Successfully held!

So I invite you to follow Rémi and his important work in our email marketing microcosm!
Hopefully you will be able to register for an upcoming session!

All the team of Badsender says hello to you Rémi 😉
If you ever want to go further on the technique of coding an email, go here, we offer you a training. And if you want to be self-taught, here are the keys to the house with a white paper on html code.

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