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Best of email marketing - May 2020

Hold on to your hats: Litmus launches its own certification

We start this best of email marketing of May 2020 strong: For lack of being able to organize large gatherings, the team of the famous platform of email preview proposes this year live sunflowers (it's not my fault, it's Google Translate) ! The Litmus Live therefore proposes a very special session: The #LitmusLiveWorshops, In-depth, hands-on workshops for designers, developers and email marketers with the opportunity to earn a Litmus certification at the end of the course. Price: 450$ USD the certification... Yes ok it's a bit expensive, but hey! we don't have the possibility to get a Litmus certification every day guys!

We have registered, and Badsender should be certified in the fall of 2020 (if all goes well). On the other hand, it started on May 18th with two first interventions of Lauren Kremer and Jason RodriguezIt's a bit late to register, but you can still reserve your place for the June and July modules!

He's here, he's back, and he's kicking ass.

I am of course talking about Kristian Robinson, my darling, my favorite : the inventor of the Faux-video (of which you can find exhaustive articles at Litmus or Freshinboxand here, I also put you the link to its codepenyou deserved it and so did he!). This guy is a genius, and I am his groupie. And not only is he back on Twitterbut he also wrote a quality article on how to create an emailing master template, step by step.

What is an emailing template? It is a set of modules/blocks that can be chosen, kept, deleted, edited (at different levels of complexity) and used by a client to create an email campaign. This is finally what we propose through our tool "The Boss", the Email Builder made in BadsenderThe article is based on a concrete example, with the case of the Master Template for email, which allows to build an email from a custom Master Template including a set of modules. The article is based on a concrete example, with the case of the Master Template for Channel 4created by Kristian. So we are not sure about the little player...

Get ready... After CAN-SPAM and RGPD, here comes the CCPA.

Ok, it's not for now (we are talking about July 2020) but in May 2020, Brooke Isaacs through the Sendgrid's blog learned a little more about a new law that went into effect on January 1, 2020 and will soon be in effect: the California Consumer Privacy Act. This future law provides privacy protection for California residents.

Concretely, what differences with the RGPD ? Mainly, these: The CCPA will only cover California consumers and households. Anyone else is not protected by it, even if they are Californian. The GDPR, on the other hand, covers all individuals regardless of their status. Moreover, the CCPA does not provide any particular protection for sensitive data. On the other hand, it allows, as the RGPD, the right to receive information, the rights of access, deletion, opposition or data portability... There are still many other differences between the two laws, but in short, it could be interesting : because the CCPA can also be applied in France, as it will apply to companies that meet certain criteria / requirements.

Litmus provides the ultimate guide to inserting interactive forms into emails

It all starts with a presentation by Mark Robbins at Litmus Live 2019 on interactive forms: Litmus decides to use it as inspiration to experiment, then share the basics as well as additional tips and tricks to implement interactive forms in emails. The ultimate goal is of course to limit the intermediate steps before conversion! To justify inserting forms in an emailLitmus also claims that 4 of the top 5 email clients (i.e. Gmail, iOS Mail, Apple Mail and Yahoo! Mail) support them, and that they represent 80% of all emails opened on the customer market email (in the US, since this is a Litmus market report).

Well, personally, when I see the support summary table, I still find it a bit weak, and when I open the email in my inbox, I get an alert message after a few seconds that warns me that the message may be fraudulent... But anyway, if you want to test (and only because this kind of innovation is still to be realised and reported when we see the pace at which MPA is necessary ????) I want to say: GO FOR IT!

Forrester releases its report on email marketing service providers, and Jordie Van Rijn provides analysis

The famous email marketing consultant Jordie Van Rijnauthor of the EmailMonday Blog delivers us its analysis of the latest report published by Forrester Research on the email marketing service provider market. Jordie notes that 13 vendors are screened, compared to 8 on the previous version. But if the analysis stopped there, it would be too easy (I can count too! I did German LV2, remember!) Let's go, we let you discover it. Good luck, I'm not sure you'll like it, it's latin... " Les tatatum temporis... "

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