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Survey: What would you be willing to do for a greener emailing and eCRM industry?

This year, during the email marketing day, we decided to organize a workshop entitled " What if we created a ZERO CARBON initiative in the emailing sector?" . More than a workshop, the idea is to organize a brainstorming session to see how our sector can reduce its carbon footprint.

At Badsender, ecology is part of our regular reflections, but despite our decentralized organization model which lends itself well to it, we clearly feel that we are not doing enough! So we think that we need to think a little bit more broadly, involving both solution providers, agencies, but also advertisers.

But in order to carry out the reflection, we would like to have your opinion on a few points, in order to set a minimum standard for the discussion.

The questionnaire

Psssst, feel free to read Thomas' article entitled " Is it possible to evolve towards a slightly (more) eco-responsible email marketing?" . In this one, Thomas had especially developed the "content" track!

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