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E-mail Tripadvisor analysis

Sample email: Tripadvisor


From: Tripadvisor
Subject: A sunny getaway in Madeira
Preheader: Hike Pico Ruivo, sip Madeira wine, watch dolphins and more...

Why this choice?

For this month of November, I've selected an e-mail from a newsletter sent by Tripadvisor !

The 1st reason is that I've been wanting to visit Madeira for several years (the island looks really nice with its mountains and dense forests), so this e-mail is well targeted since the subject line made me open the newsletter right away. The 2nd reason is technical, with good management of e-mail authentication.

  • E-mail authentication :
    • SPF (strict), DKIM (1024-Bits), DMARC (reject), BIMI (vmc)... It's all there! There's even a "blue checkmark" at Gmail, which means there's a branded certificate (cf. VMC) on the main domain and its sub-domains (including the sender domain).
  • E-mail strategy :
    • As I said, it's my dream to visit Madeira! I can't remember if I'd ever researched the island on their site, but receiving this e-mail made me super happy. Even if I don't plan to go there in the short term, it gives me additional info on the island (hotels, local gastronomy and hikes to do) and the day I'm ready, there's a good chance I'll go back to their site 😉 => Well done Tripadvisor!
  • Design e-mail :
    • The e-mail is simple in design, with easy-to-read text and clearly visible CTAs.
    • The pre-header is visible in the inbox, but hidden when the e-mail is opened.
    • On the mobile version, the dark mode display is almost perfect, except for the 2 logos which could have been optimized.

This e-mail is close to perfection (that's just my opinion). How do you like this e-mail? Do you see any areas for improvement?

Feel free to consult our dedicated page to our e-mail selections and analyses 🙂

Enjoy your reading!

This email was selected by Sébastien Fischer