Double opt-in email relaunch: Le Monde / Chaleur humaine

Sample email: Double opt-in email relaunch: Le Monde / Chaleur humaine


From: Le Monde
Subject: The deletion of your "Le Monde" account is scheduled.
Preheader: Dear Reader, You have recently requested to receive our newsletters...

Why this choice?

Because I'd never seen this type of email relaunch before.
Last Thursday, I filled out a newsletter subscription form Human warmth. I remember wondering if I'd signed up, since I'd never heard of it. I did not see a confirmation message I didn't see the landing page reload with a little message in green that would have told me ".... You are now subscribed to the Chaleur humaine newsletter. "I remember saying to myself I'll see next Tuesday if I get it. "(this newsletter is sent out every Tuesday).

I fill in the form.
Confirmation step where I see nothing (under firefox).

Anyway, 3 days later, I receive this reminder email.
The object caught my eye. My first thought was that it must be a cleanup email for inactive users (professional deformation). But reading the preheaderI remembered that I'd recently signed up for the Monde Chaleur humaine newsletter. I opened the email and bingo, that's what it was all about. So the email came just at the right moment for me.

Some of the points raised :

  • If I had been warned on the post-form confirmation landing page, I wouldn't have had to receive this reminder, I would have clicked on the confirmation email 😉 (since I checked and indeed, I had received a double opt-in confirmation email the day I registered).
  • That said, well done for thinking of the trigger relaunch. You never know what might happen during the user experience: a bug in Firefox, an overflowing saucepan, a phone call...
  • This email would have been more effective if I'd read "Chaleur humaine" right from the sender label. By the way, I always recommend using the same name as the one on registration form or on the preference center. Consistency always.
  • The term "deletion of your account" caught my attention. I don't feel I've created an account by signing up for a newsletter. As far as I'm concerned, I just signed up for a newsletter. (Even though, working for a lot of media, I understand the meaning of the word "account").
  • The content of the email is clear. I have nothing to say about it.

I can only encourage you to listen to episodes of the great podcast Chaleur humaine hosted by Nabil Wakim. And in particular the one in which he questions the role of advertising : Is advertising the enemy of the climate? I look forward to receiving the newsletter. I hope the content will be as good as the podcast.

This email has been selected by Marion Duchatelet