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Email Builder :

Industrialize your email production.

Badsender has worked on the implementation of an email builder: a generator of email templates to help its customers to design and assemble their own emailings and newsletters based on their existing templates or those we create for them. That's how we are...
email builder editor

The objectives of...

Our Email Builder.


Automate the responsive

We allow you a systematic use of responsive in the brand's emails without significant impact on production costs.

Optimize time

We create a library of reusable blocks in order to simplify and optimize time to develop emails.

Simply decide

Start with a simple project that can be expanded over time.


We realize the project in collaboration with your designer so that its email designs fit perfectly in the templates.

Getting out of the code

Allow your product managers to create their emails and newsletters, as if they were writing a brief: without having to touch the codewithout HTML integration for emailing... And without the risk of breaking the responsive compatibility.

Selection and assembly of blocks.

You can assemble your newsletter or emailing. Simply drag and drop the blocks you want to use. Once placed in the editing area, the blocks are editable, interchangeable... Thus, each content block can be reused as many times as necessary.

Content options.

When a block of your emailing is selected in the editing area, a series of options are displayed in order to act on the different elements that should be displayed or not. For example: display or not a button, place an image to the left or right of the text... The email content options can even go as far as choice of language for automated translation of certain elements.

Customize the style of the email.

Depending on the options chosen, your campaign operators will be able to (or not) modify some elements of the email style: fonts, title colors, background colors, text sizes... But it is also possible to drastically limit the editable styles in order to guarantee a strong compatibility with your email graphic charter.

Text and image editing.

In the editing area of the newsletter, just click on a text to edit it in graphic mode. Again, the text editor can be very limited (only options on bold and italics for example)or complete (links edition, colors change, html mode edition...). You can easily add images by drag and drop. Or via a photo library integrated in the template manager.

Export and send tests.

By default, the export of emails is done in a zip file containing the HTML file and all the images useful for the email. It is also possible to send test emails directly in the tool. Either to your email address or to that of a colleague. Or to a email preview solutionas Email on Acid or Litmus.

Mobile display preview.

The template generator also allows you to follow in real time, throughout the edition of your emailing, how it will look in its responsive version. On the right side of the screen, a panel can be displayed, which will duplicate your email view on a mobile or tablet view of your newsletter.

Setting up...

From the Email Builder.

1. Analysis of your existing emails

In order to clear the set of content blocks type you need. The whole thing, in order to harmonize your email graphic charter.

2. Construction of wireframes

In order to validate the blocks to be developed and to prioritize the development of the library which will be available in the template generator.

3. Workshop

Regarding the options to be set up in the email builder. It is possible to create a multitude of options in order to personalize your newsletters and other emailings to a greater or lesser extent.

4. Design of your email master template

This is where the magic happens: we format the modules according to your graphic charteraccording to your style!

5. HTML integration of emails

6. Complete test of the emailing master template

We check the rendering of responsive emails both via the classic test platforms and via our test terminals.

7. Setting up emails in the template generator

This is the final step, the cherry on the cake!

Our Email Builder, The Boss.
Most of the email template creation tools present in campaign management platforms no longer correspond to the needs of advertisers. They have evolved to allow the development of responsive emails, but do not allow for the industrialization of the production of emailings. The purpose of our email builder is just that.

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