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Interview with Timothée Saumet, Chief Impact Officer at Efalia

A few weeks ago, I was challenged by a LinkedIn post from Timothée SaumetChief Impact Officer at Efalia. In this post, Timothée recounted a conference he had given during which he had been contradicted when he said that "small steps" were not enough.

I found it very direct and well put, and a few exchanges later Tim found himself interviewed in our "Sobriety and Marketing" podcast.

In this episode, we take an in-depth look at the role of companies in the ecological and social transition. We've talked a little less about responsible marketing and communications than usual, but at the same time, if a company isn't aligned at the highest levels, marketing and communication can only do so much.

"Doing things right is one thing, but then you really have to get the word out so everyone can get moving." - Timothée Saumet

Timothée shares his career path and his role as Chief Impact Officer at Efalie. He highlights his active involvement in environmental and societal actions within the company. He tells us about his involvement with associations. He stresses the importance of transparent, quantified communication to raise employee awareness and demonstrate the real impact of CSR actions.

Timothée also expresses his anger at greenwashing and insists on the need for authenticity and transparency in the communication of CSR actions.

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"It's the game of recognizing the things we don't do well. It's important to have this feedback so that we can explain to our peers what we did well and what we didn't do so well."- Timothée Saumet

In conclusion, Timothée encourages us to take positive action to raise awareness and convince others, stressing that the equitable sharing of value is a crucial issue for progress towards sustainable business practices.

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Text transcript of the podcast recorded with Timothée Saumet, Chief Impact Officer at Efalia

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