A look back at the highlights of Badsender's life in 2023!

With a view to writing an editorial for our latest newsletter, I called on the team to find out what were the most significant events of the past year. Badsender in 2023. And do you know what? I got a nice list of 20 items!

That's a lot for an editorial, so we had to condense it as much as possible for our newsletter. The opportunity for me to do a slightly longer version for the our emailing agency.

Tops and flops of Badsender's internal life

Internal highlights include the arrival of 2 new associates (we are now 9 associates out of 12), Olivier became an employee in July, we have a raison d'être in our articles of association, and we obtained a megaoptimizing our carbon footprint between 2022 and 2023. Finally, we have begun to redirect our customer base towards more committed brands.

Among the internal flops, the lack of time on certain projects, such as theemail marketing day or the ZeroCarbonEmail. We're still a small organization of 12 people, so we can't do everything? What's more, we changed our internal chat system a record 3 times over the year. From a business point of view, the summer was very light. It was an opportunity to do some groundwork that we don't always have the chance to do the rest of the year, but even so, we like to have a minimum of activity during the summer.

How are our services evolving?

On the agency side, we appreciated the increase in the number of design systems created. on email builders excluding LePatron. This is one of our objectives for next year. To continue to develop our skills in a wide range of solutions, in order to meet our customers' needs as effectively as possible.

Our open source email builder LePatron has benefited from several NEW FEATURESincluding the arrival of customization variables, new link tracking functionalities, quality control, and above all, a major new version, with the arrival of therecording of user-customized blocks. LePatron remains a very specific email builder for brands that want to strictly adhere to their design system email or have strong multi-brand, multi-language, multi-market constraints.

We also took advantage of the summer to completely overhaul our pricing structure on our à la carte production activities. We have also strengthened our writing expertiseand we've created a page dedicated to the evolution of our agency in responsible communications agency. As the icing on the end-of-year cake, we have been selected to publish an article for the 24 days of the web.

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

On the technical side, 2023 was the year we migrated all our email production (à la carte or for LePatron design systems) to the framework email Maizzle.

Badsender is always full of content!

It's kind of our trademark. Badsender was born out of the blog of the same name, and we've been publishing content and sharing it ever since. our email expertise in the blood!

In fact, at the beginning of the year, we carried out a small SEO audit of our site and offered training to the whole team. The results are quite impressive: with the optimizations implemented by the team (everything was done in-house), we doubled our number of visits between May 2023 and November 2023. Well done, team.

In 2023, we launched the all-new "Sobriety and Marketing" newsletter and exceeded the 20 episodes of our podcast on the same subject.

We have also published more than 60 articles on our blogproduced 15 lives on YouTubeand created a section dedicated to sample mailings which already contains over 50 of them.

Not bad for a "tiny" team of 12, don't you think?

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