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iOS15: Results of the diagnostic of email opening environments with J&JOY

As of November 8, 48 days after its release, iOS15 already accounts for 37% of installed iOS versions (source: Mixpanel, Our client J&JOY wanted to know the opening rate via iOS15 among their prospects and customers. So we performed an analysis of their opens on a campaign to know precisely the opening environments of their recipients.

J&JOY context

We have been working with J&JOY, a Belgian fashion brand for the whole family, for almost a year. We have, at first, helped them in the migration from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. Since then, we have been accompanying them every week or so in the deployment of their emailing strategy via coaching packages.

With Jonathan André (Badsender consultant and Klaviyo expert), here's a look at what we do together:

  • Definition of the 3-month mailing schedule: planning of A/B tests and definition of targets
  • Proposal of objects, help in writing the content
  • Analysis of campaign results, decision to relaunch or not depending on performance (clicks), dissatisfactions and conversions)
  • Construction of the segmentation strategy
  • Building a marketing automation strategy : shopping cart abandonment scenario, post-visit retargeting scenario, anniversary scenario, welcome scenario, etc... and the list goes on!

Already this summer, we alerted our customers about what was going to happen with the arrival of iOS15 and the "Mail Privacy Protection" in Apple Mail. At the beginning of October, following this article and to the live that we gave on the subject, we proposed to J&JOY to insert an opening tracking tag in one of their campaigns to know the opening environments. Here are the lessons learned from the diagnosis.

1st lesson: 80% of openers read the email for more than 9 seconds... except on mobile!

In our trainingsIt is said that the message must be understood within 3 seconds of opening. If your content is not clear, if the information is not properly prioritized, your readers will open the email and close it immediately.

Here, good news! 80% of JnJoy contacts read their emails for more than 3 seconds and 67% for more than 9 seconds!

Tool report emailonacid : Engagement Time Distribution

On the other hand, when we break down the openings by device, we notice that the reading of the email on mobile lasts much less time!

Tool report emailonacid : Email customer engagement

The J&JOY emails are responsive. That's not the problem. But, considering the numbers, it might be interesting to create mobile specific content blocks to increase the reading time on mobile.

2nd lesson: the top 2 opening environments: Gmail and Apple!

Tool report emailonacid Email client percentage of total opens
  • 32% of openings are from a Gmail environment
  • 30% of the openings are done via an Apple environment: 21% from iPhone+ 9% from Apple Mail
  • But... "Other" is what? and the iOS versions, where are they?

Looking in more detail, I find the iOS versions...

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

emailonacid tool report: top 10 clients

Ok, but where is the version 15? There is none? Not at all?

3rd lesson: Mozilla 5 (Other) is largely iOS15!

So at this stage of the analysis, I block! Usually, when I block, I send a message to Jon
Hey, you don't have 5 minutes to pleaaaase, I don't get anything on the opening environment stats, there's something I don't understand !"To which he replies:
sniff? I thought I'd be quiet to get on with what's important this PM. Well, I'm finishing up an admin thing and I'll be with you in 10 minutes. " (he's nice in the background Jon'...)

So we look in detail at the famous "Other" together:

emailonacid tool report: email client - percentage of total opens

Jon explains that he read about this blogBasically, in the user agents, it always starts with "Mozilla/5.0". But in the case of the Apple Mail cache, there is "only" Mozilla/5.0, so the emailonacid tool puts it behind Mozilla 5.

So behind "Other", there is a very large part of iOS15.

So the results of the diag :

  • 32% of their openings are done from a Gmail environment (all devices).
  • Nearly 50% are done via an Apple environment: 21% from iPhone+ 9% from Apple Mail + a large part from Mozilla 5!

And now what do we do?

We continue the analysis. We will plan a 2nd diagnostic the week of December 6th to measure the evolution of Mozilla 5. But already, we will :

Verify that the current scenarios do not include a raise on openers or non-openers

Completely rethink the activation scenario for inactive emails

Until today, to reactivate inactive emails, we have been targeting non-rovers for X months. Now, we will clearly have to play on the clicks and/or visits on the website. To make our decision, we will first simulate segments to realize what it represents in terms of volume: non clickers for 6 months / 12 months / 18 months, non clickers + non visitors for 6 months / 12 months / 18 months.

Click" is the winning KPI in A/B tests

At Badsender, we have been opting for the number of clicks as a winning indicator even for object tests. But it was often a debate with our customers, now it's settled 😉

The "Click", "Dissatisfaction" and "Conversion" indicators are preferred to measure the success of an email campaign

This diagnosis was carried out within the framework of our coaching with J&JOY. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to be accompanied on this point or on anything else!

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