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Video : Newsletter, the return! Which content? Which model?

Did you know that write your newsletter had become fashionable again? That there are people who make a supplement to their income by creating their own newsletter ?

Business newsletters, newsletters of current events, fashion newsletters, newsletters from instagrammersThere are newsletters for everyone, people newsletters, coaches newsletters, ... There is something for everyone.

With our two guests, we explore in video this return to grace of the newsletter, a format as old as the Internet. We also reflect on why and how email marketing can be inspired by this movement.

The participants

Jean Abbiateci : Curious journalist? and media creator? I love lines of text as much as lines of code. For the past five years, I've been lucky enough to work as an associate editor for two of the most ambitious French-language media. I am the creator of the newsletter Bulletin.

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

Regis Bacher: Founder and manager of a data and marketing consulting agency for 10 years, I followed this up with 3 years as a strategic project manager in the field of business consulting. And recently I have just relaunched myself in two projects, one of which is Incerf, a newsletter marketplace.

Jonathan Loriaux: Founder of Badsender, I have been evangelizing for 11 years on all subjects related to email marketing.

Follow the live "The return of the newsletter with its new formats" in video directly on Youtube.

Either you stay here and press the "Play" button, or you go directly to Youtube (which is better because there is a live chat where you can interact with other viewers and ask questions directly)

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