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The newsletter in swipe up

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored article! 😉

Writing a newsletter and send it to your subscribers via a routing tool, that's a classic. But writing and sending a newsletter from an Instagram account is something of a novelty. Today, we're going to delve into the world of Instagram influencers.

The statement of facts

For the past few months, for those who have Instagram and follow influencer accounts, you may have noticed the latest fad: create a newsletter.

The thing about influencers is that they influence (thanks Colombo!). So, will we soon be receiving our little cousin's newsletter? This new appeal for emailing, where does it come from, why exploit it now? What's the point of asking your followers to subscribe? This is what we will discover tonight in Cash Investigation!

A new craze, not so innocent

If we consider that influencers are their own brand, rather than selling a product (although some have started to do so) or a service, what they earn the most is their image. Logically, the more followers and views they have, the more they can be monetized for partnerships / sponsorship. But we come back to our question: What does a newsletter have to do with this calculation?

I have no doubt that among some influencers (my fairy tale side hopes that this is the majority), the newsletter is there in a purely informative purpose and allows to communicate in a different way. Because if we are honest, reading an article or long sentences on a story is not the best way to communicate. If we add to that the fact that they only last 24 hours... we have to calculate our move so that the message reaches its target at the right time and we all know how complicated it is to estimate, when on the contrary a newsletter does not have an expiration dateat least not for the moment but it is another story told by Jonathan which I invite you to read right after 🙂 .

The other angle that I distinguish, more business this time, consists in expand its audience and have an additional channel to put forward during contract negotiations. And for this community to have weight, you might as well encourage your followers to subscribe to the newsletter. They are known for their loyalty and will probably support their favorite account (me first). The advantage is that they will willingly read the emails, which boost the sender's reputationthe opening rate, the good deliverability and so on. Do you follow?

When the newsletter becomes paid

It seems totally normal to us to pay for a daily newspaper in paper format, or a magazine, doesn't it? This has also become true on the web where many newspapers are now present with articles freely accessible and others reserved for subscribers. Part of the remuneration of these sites comes from advertising, another part from subscribers, on the same model as the print versions finally.

If we compare this model with that of influencers because after all they also generate content, advertising is already exploited via sponsored posts. But unlike a website, you can't make the registration to an Instagram account paid (to my knowledge anyway).

That's why new tools are emerging such as Substack, which allows you to offer your audience access to premium content, reserved for contacts who subscribe to paid newsletters. Or Patreon, with a monthly subscription to content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.), for creators, artists, writers and many others. And let's not forget the support on Tipeee, which is based on donations. The advent of these modes of remuneration probably partly compensates for those that have been put on hold over the last few months, I'm thinking in particular of paid performances with an audience, mostly to promote brands.

The target in our back

Well, let's put it in perspective. No one is holding a knife to our throat to sign up for these newsletters, or to follow anyone on Instagram, or TikTok or Myspace. The appeal of the newsletter VS the stories from my perspective as a reader is when I get to consume that content.

And to illustrate this article, here are a few examples of influential newsletters:

I have to tell youIt's a pleasure to read and it gives the power. The writing side is however a bit heavy at first, some visuals to lighten it all would not be refused.

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