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Corymbus : a tool to organize your sales reminders and marketing messages when you are a freelancer.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to discuss with Frédéric Baumann who develops the Corymbus.


Corymbus is a simple and complete tool for freelancers and small businesses. For those who want to start managing their sales and marketing follow-ups and sending email communications to their contacts.

Where did the idea come from?

Frédéric is an engineer by training. He has been working for nearly 25 years for companies that produce software for large accounts. Both software called 'commercial CRM' and marketing campaign management platforms.
In his career, Frédéric has also had experience as an entrepreneur.

When you are a freelancer or a manager of a small business, you spend most of your time on your missions or on developing your product/service. The sales and marketing aspects are often put in the second plan. Nevertheless, without sales and marketing, it is difficult to make noise around you.

During his time as an entrepreneur, Frédéric did not find a simple and affordable tool to manage both his sales reminders and his marketing communications. However, Frédéric has used 13 CRM tools in his career. Conclusion? Either, the tool is free but the functionalities are very limited. Or, the tool is rather advanced from a functional point of view, but it is very expensive.

Frédéric therefore had the idea of developing software adapted to the budgets and needs of freelancers and small businesses. The Freelance version costs 29 € per year. The Enterprise version costs 108€ per year and per user. All features included.

Among Corymbus users, there are quite a few women (that's the organization side ;-)), quite a few freelance coaches. On the small business side, it's more qualitative consulting, or agencies.

Need help?

Reading content isn't everything. The best way is to talk to us.

What can Corymbus do?

Corymbus allows you to manage and above all structure your sales approach and marketing reminders.

You can create contacts, seize commercial opportunities, add the amount of the expected turnover, etc... and especially follow where you are: should I follow up the contact? send him an email? archive him?
Corymbus allows you to track the interactions you have with your prospects/customers to sell them services/products. It also helps you to see more clearly the turnover perspectives of the coming months.
The import of contacts is done via Excel. Otherwise a connection with a Google account is possible to synchronize your address book, emails and calendar.

pipeline by sales stages

Corymbus allows you to manage your communication by email.

You can create groups of contacts and use some pretty fancy multi-criteria filters (some of them are email routing tools (Basic only goes so far!). Example: target all contacts who work in company X AND are attached to at least one opportunity with a value of more than 10k, AND who have opened and clicked in newsletter Z.

You can, of course, create email campaigns from predefined templates or by integrating your own email creations. And, follow up with those who have opened or clicked on your emails.

Corymbus can interconnect with other web applications (with Zapier for example)

I welcome the willingness to help free and very small businesses.

I salute Frédéric's desire to develop a tool FOR freelancers and VSEs. Thank you Frédéric for making it easy for them to manage their sales and send out marketing communications on a mini-budget! This will help them structure their to-do list.

If you would like to know more about the tools, do not hesitate to contact us.
and do not hesitate to visit :
There is a free trial version!

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