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Best of email marketing - September 2020

The AMP4email developer preview will end on October 1 on Boom.

The news came out on September 06. Ah, the p*tes. We were so happy about a possible "collaboration" between Google and Microsoft, with the announcement of a support of the technology developed by Google on We at Badsender, we felt our underwear vibrate.

But no. The AMP for email will soon be disabled on And we're not making this up, it's Microsoft who announced it here and here ! Instead, the standard HTML version of the email will be displayed. The advantage? Nothing to do on the developers' side apparently, the transition will be done automatically. Oh well, that's cool, thanks Microsoft !!!! Oh the cold shower...

Google seems blasé, doesn't it?

Microsoft encourages developers to use the " actionable messages "instead. Good! What are actionable messages? These are messages that use Schema to create interactivity in the message content. So, you can use Schema to set up polls, appointments, event planning directly in an email... What AMP4email was offering... Can you feel the lump in my throat? So, we erase everything and start over: develop your emails in HTML, in text version, in AMP, in Schema... I leave you there, I'm going to hang myself.

Microsoft also announced some updates on its mobile webmail version, but I'll snub them and let you see what you want to do with them...

New tool for emailgeeks:

The time has come for cathedraaaaAAAAAAAALEUUUH tools that make our lives easier! "Recording emails is a pain in the ass". It is not me who says it, it is Stephanie Griffith ! And Stéph, well, to relieve us (and it can feel good)She simply created a fabulous little tool that allows us to get a great screenshot of the email, without having to use solutions like Emailonacid or Litmus. Some fields to fill in (subject, date, recipient, sender, reply to, mirror page link) and there you have it! Bravo Stéphanie, and thank you!

And that's an understatement.

Litmus: Maj of the Dark Mode guide, report on emailing - fall edition, end of Litmus Live, certification, barbecue, Bar Mitzvah, meeting in 15...

So many new products at Litmus for the month of September, it's just dinguery (and it's not just because they wear Dingo ties) ! Between the end of the Litmus Live (special edition this year, entirely free and 100% live) with technically interesting sessions - but don't just look at the technical stuff, there's a lot more to see - from Wilbert Heinen ("Snip it before you ship it"), Mark Robbins ("CSS art in email")or Steven Sayo ("Overlays and absolute positioning in email")the update of the Guide to Dark Mode in the #emailmarketing, the fall issue of the email reportand the #emaildesigner certificate for yours truly, I didn't know where to turn!

So, in this plethora of information and news all crazier than the others, I leave you the choice to click on the button of your choice, or on all of them if you are crazy! But don't look for the barbeque, the Bar Mitzvah or the meeting in 15, it's bullshit.

Litmus Live, with a dark filter, to add mystery, you know.

10 signs that you are a #emailgeek and how to become a good #emaildesigner

Being a geek could have a pejorative connotation, but it's not the case in the field of email marketing, where being a #emailgeek is a pride, a passion, a vocation! #emailgeeks is a tightly-knit community, where everyone helps each other, it's collaborative : to solve code bugs, deliverability problems, give advice! The most beautiful proof of this sharing is undoubtedly the slack dedicated to this subject. Trendline has decided to explain to you how to recognize a #emailgeek through 10 highlights : Do you read articles about updates to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail and others? You answer commercial emails to report display bugs? Are you worried about unsubscribing after 10 days? Good news, you could be part of our askip community!

Personally, I would have added that it is also necessary to make rotten puns like " <br> it's cold..." or "Put the <table>we eat in font-family tonight", but only the real ones know that.

Designmodo, on the other hand, decided to focus on #emaildesigners and make a small summary of tools and resources useful to any (future) good emailing designer who respects his dead! While waiting for our White Paper on #designemailing with testimonies and advices from famous French #emaildesigners, it can still be interesting ???? !

Email Platform Status and 1 year of Can I email

So, how to say... Heuu... That is to say that at some point, it will have to be stopped, it is obligatory: Rémi Parmentier has developed a new tool with its agency team Tilt Studio : Email Platform Statusit is a site that browses the 4927 (maybe not since) emails referenced on Really Good Emails for Count and classify the use of HTML and CSS features in emails. We discover that more than 96.59% of the analyzed emails use at least once or more the tag <tr>when only 96% use the tag at least once or more <table>... So then, how to use the <tr> without using the <table>We have the right to ask ourselves the question...

Screenshot of the Email Platform Status website

To the question: what is the point? I will answer this: to know the trends and gaps in the development methods of emailing developers. Thus, we can see that the <h1> or <h2> are called on less than 20% of the analyzed emails, which leaves a doubt on the implementation of accessibility in the developed emails...

Let's take this opportunity to celebrate the first year of the publication of the tool " Can I email"developed by the same team. ???? "Hey, hey, hey, hey" .... Another candle blown out, another year gone, another candle blown out, ANOTHER YEAR GONE, HEY-HEY-HEY! We wish you a happy birthday!!!"????????

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