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Badsender is on OpenClassrooms! Enjoy!

This project started in February and ended in August. We worked like crazy with Jonathan Loriaux! But that's it, our course entitled "Succeed in your emailing campaigns is on OpenClassrooms!

It's a 12-hour generalist course in which you can explore all the success factors of an email marketing strategy! And it's totally free (yes, I know, if it's free, you're the product, but here, only the training courses are paid for at OpenClassrooms, so go ahead and enjoy!)

Here is the table of contents of the course:

We've already had some feedback that we're very happy with!

Hello, I did your 'emailing training' on OpenClassrooms, because I was curious to discover the format and content. Congratulations, because it is indeed a great work, very comprehensive! Special mention for the Deliverability part!

Last night I completed a training course offered by #openclassrooms OpenClassrooms Marion Duchatelet and Jonathan Loriaux A training that I greatly recommend to you, whether you want to improve your skills or to learn about the world of e-mailing.

Do not hesitate to go to the course page and tell us what you thought!

And if you want to go further, we have someother trainings in marketing automation, deliverability, HMTL integration and choice of routing tools.
But the must-have, in my opinion, is the combo training/coaching ! You watch training videos, interact with us and our community of customers on Teams, and we schedule coaching time to apply best practices to your issues!
If you are interested, we are all ears !

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