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Collect more leads... but with style, to boost your email marketing KPIs

With 74 % of French consumers confirming that they have placed an order after receiving an email from a brand in the last 12 months, it's high time to take a step back and focus on how best to develop your email marketing KPIs. The most effective way to develop these KPIs is to significantly increase the number of marketing opt-ins in your database.

Guest article by Cheetah Digital

Don't get bogged down in the endless quest to optimize subject line length, send time and CTA placement. While important, these elements represent only a small fraction of the potential gains that increasing your basic signup numbers can offer.

Simply put, as the number of willing customers in your database increases, the more your emails are opened and the more engagement you generate. Double your database and the revenue generated by your email marketing campaigns will also double.

First you will need to collect agreements and information about the preferences of your potential customers, data that is necessary to develop your e-mail marketing KPIs, through interactive and innovative data collection experiences.

Use privacy as a differentiator

Years have passed, but the Cambridge Analytica scandal doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Privacy laws have spread around the world, such as the GDPR in Europe and the CCPA in North America, and large fines have been levied on major brands for non-compliance. While privacy has long taken a backseat, it is now a differentiator as critical as price, product and customer experience.

This awareness is a real thorn in the side of marketers whose email marketing strategy relies on third-party data, email list purchases and cookie tracking. Marketers who make privacy a priority will be able to build relationships with customers, allowing them to collect the opt-ins and psychographic data needed to send better, personalized marketing emails.

What's more, the inbox is a private space that belongs to the customer: any content sent requires the customer's permission. So how do you quickly increase the number of people in your database and profile your customers? With interactive data collection experiences.

Create interactive data collection experiences

Don't limit interactive experiences to web pages: you can quickly set them up and deliver them to any digital channel. To generate maximum engagement, deliver these experiences on your prospects' preferred channels: social media stories, ads, news feeds, mobile apps... Anything digital can be used.

Interactive experiences are the foundation of marketing in this new age of privacy, where data collection has become essential. The best way to enrich your database is to deliver these experiences across as many channels as possible.

These engagement experiences can take many forms: sweepstakes, surveys, visit counters, full microsites... The key is to integrate data collection mechanisms that, by asking your prospects, collect their preferences and personal data. These data will then allow you to adapt your message to each customer. The information obtained in this way is much more useful than the information deduced: you will obtain a lot of psychographic data that will complete your e-mail list.

"Cheetah Digital brings together several solutions through recent acquisitions in the market, such as Customer Engagement Suite. Forrester finds that since our 2018 evaluation, this vendor has greatly improved its data collection, interface navigation and reporting capabilities."

The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, 2020
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