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Tool: Sendinblue update in our Benchmark/White Paper

Monday afternoon, September 9, we attended for the 2nd time in less than a year a demonstration of the Sendinblue tool (the +++ version not the free version)

Sendinblue is one of the tools with a single-table data model. The tool is easy to use (emailing can be entirely designed in drag and drop from a library of about 60 templates and also form and landing page in drag and drop). The solution is very open with a lot of plug-ins (more than 50) that can be installed in total autonomy for the customer.

Here's what we liked about the demo on Monday:

  • Management of retargeting banners via Facebook ads and Adroll: the possibility of targeting contacts but also similar contacts (look alike), banner creation and management of the budget and dates of the operation directly in Sendinblue
  • Intuitive contact scoring that can be set directly when creating a marketing scenario. The ability to add X points to a contact's profile if they have opened or clicked on an email. But also the ability to remove points if the person hasn't been active for X days. We wrote an article on this type of Marketing automation feasible for BtoB here.
  • 8 preconceived marketing scenarios among which: welcome, birthday, web page visit, post event, post purchase, post click, abandoned cart... (the most common). For a "one-table" tool, the possibilities in terms of marketing automation are quite large.
  • Send Time Optimization: at the beginning of the relationship, given that the brand has no data, Sendinblue uses the history of all its customers and then, after a few sends, weights the actual activity of the brand's contacts.
  • A breakdown of campaign statistics by segment: it seems obvious but not everyone does it!

Even if the prices are going to move in the next few weeks, the tool remains very competitive on the market. And apparently, other new features should be released soon. To be continued!

If you want to know more about Sendinblue, please contact us!

If you have not yet downloaded our Benchmark/White Paper on campaign management tools it's here !

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