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BtoB automation or How Badsender automates interactions with its prospects through lead nurturing

On July 9th, we were invited by SendinBlue to organize a workshop during the BtoB Summit. The theme of the worshop was "Convert your leads into customers with lead nurturing.
To illustrate this theme, we have chosen to show our own application of Marketing Automation in BtoB. We started the worshop with this hook:

"Who hasn't dreamed of receiving an alert, every day, automatically, with the list of prospects and customers who are most likely to be interested in your products and services?"

This is exactly the promise of Marketing Automation. To achieve this, we proceed by 5 steps :

Step 1: Attraction or how to attract visitors to

We attract visitors to our blog through regular content.
By regular content, we mean the publication of 3 articles on average per week on current topics that highlight our services: Design, Code, Deliverability, Strategy, OrchestrationTools.

Homepage Blog Badsender

Step 2: Identification or how to turn unknown visitors into identified contacts

When people visit our site or blog, we try to capture their email address. The objective at this stage is to transform our previously anonymous visitors, in identified contacts. Meaning: turn a cookie number into a Thomas Martin

For this, we have more than 20aine forms on our blog and website: white paper download form "Coding in HTML for email!"Download form "checklist - things to check before you press the send buttona survey to test your level of deliverability, a white paper to understand anti-spama 19 tips for mobile emailing white paperand of course the newsletter registration form and the contact forms.

Badsender blog, forms and articles

Anyway, if you want to see at a glance all our resources it's here: Every time we write an article we redirect to some of these forms. Supporting demonstration 😉

Step 2 bis: Identification or how to transform unknown visitors into (very) identified contacts

We don't always have the same fields appear in the forms. We have implemented progressive forms. What are progressive forms?

Profile fields

It is a form that allows you to qualify a lead as he visits on your website/blog. Explanation: You create a sequence of profile fields. For example 8 fields. The first 4 fields are displayed on the first visits. Once the visitor has filled in these first 4 fields and on subsequent visits to your blog, the 4 fields of the waiting list will be displayed to enrich the lead profile. At Badsender, when contacts fill in the "Which position is closest to yours?"we establish personas. We have 6 personas:

  1. Head of CRM which includes the positions of Marketing Director, CRM Director, Direct Marketing Director, CEO
  2. CRM Project Manager which includes the positions of CRM Project Manager, Campaign Manager, Marketing Manager, Customer Relationship Manager
  3. Email Designer which includes the positions of Web designer, Email designer, Email integrator, HTML integrator
  4. Head of ISD which includes the positions of IT Manager, Network Administrator, Web Developer

These personas define our different targeting for our email campaigns.

Step 3: Nurturing or how to communicate with your prospect base

The objective at this stage is to animate efficiently its contact base.
We mapped our customer journey, identified key interactions to see when we should send automated emails.

Customer journey

For each completed form, we send an email confirmation. A welcome scenario composed of 3 emails is sent each time a contact arrives at the base for the first time.

Newsletter Badsender

Only at the end of the Welcome scenario do we send out our editorial newsletters. Here's an example: We also send our sales emails. We don't do much of this at the moment, only around training courses. Here's an example: Our sales emails are targeted by combining these criteria:

PersonasVisited pagesCompleted forms
Head of CRM...TrainingLB HTML
CRM Project Manager...Consulting/CoachingDELIVERABILITY PERSONALITY TEST
Email Designer...HTML integrationChecklist of items to test
ISD...Deliverability monitoringRegistered NL

Step 4: Scoring or how to measure the engagement of each contact

The objective here is assign a score / a note to each contact in the database. This score varies depending on the contact's interactions with

  • The number of pages visited
  • The number of completed forms
  • Completed form field types
  • Openings in emails
  • Clicks within emails
  • Number of web page visits
  • Unsubscribing
  • On the recency of interactions
Prospect rating

Different weights are assigned depending on the value of the interaction. For example: if the prospect gives us their phone number then we add 5 points to the score. We add 15 points if they fill out a form or 5 points if they visit a landing page linked to a sales email.

Not to mention the degradation of the score!

Degradation of the score

A prospect can have an activity during a certain period and then stop visiting our site/blog. The idea here is to define a duration during which the score must remain static, without decrementing. After this number of weeks without activity, the score decreases.

Step 5: And finally, the transfer to the sales force for transformation!

Priority order of prospects

The objective here is to prioritize the contacts to be called back. That is to say define score thresholds where we consider a prospect to be cold, warm or hot. At Badsender, contacts with a score greater than or equal to 125 are recalled immediately.

And if you already have a Commercial CRM...

You may already have a Sales CRM tool such as Salesforce, Vtiger, Sugar CRM... which also includes contact information. It would be a shame not to share information between your Sales CRM and your Marketing tool. Ideally, the 2 information systems should communicate via API or batch to always have up-to-date information.

If you want to know more about marketing automation in BtoB, do not hesitate to contact us ! We can help you set up this type of practice according to your tools!

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