Oy, oy, Badsender releases its white paper dedicated to HTML email integration!

So, it's true that we didn't tell you anything until now, because I've been working on it for several months and you never know when I'll finish what I start (a bit like this sentence)But here it is, in the name of a little man, it's here ! A white paper dedicated entirely to HTML email codingIt's beautiful, isn't it?

In this beautiful document (humility is my only flaw)We cover a lot of topics, as much in the end as what HTML development of an email can coversuch as, among others:

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  • HTML tags and attributes
  • CSS properties
  • The different coding methods for mobile email (Media Queries, Fluid technique)
  • Contents to be used with caution or not to be used
  • Topics of contention
  • The different OS and mail clients
  • All the Tips 'N Tricks that might interest you, insatiable little weasels!

And so many other things... Yes, it's a rotten conclusion but finally, I'm not going to rewrite the whole book in an article, it wouldn't make sense as our Quebecois friends say. So I let you discover all that! Do not hesitate to send us your feedback, feelings, remarks, opinions, level of satisfaction, social security number

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